Who Is Zerail Dijon Rivera ( Red Boy ) ? Wiki, Bio, Rapper Shot, Many More Facst You Need To Know

Zerail Dijon Rivera ( Red Boy ) Wiki – Biography

Red Boy is also known as Zerail Dijon Rivera, a California rapper who was shot and killed in an Instagram Live video according to Hip Hop Lately, The Breaking News.

Did Red Boy Kill Himself?

According to Hip Hop Lately, Indian Red Boy, real name Zerail Dijon Rivera from Inglewood, California, was shot and killed while sitting in his car on Thursday, July 8, 2021, while posting an Instagram Live video. The victim’s name was Zerail Rivera. Some sites named the rapper as Indian Boy Redd. That Young Man.

Zerail Dijon Rivera horrific video, Investigation & More Facts

However, the name Zerail Rivera does not appear in the Los Angeles County coroner’s database; Wikibioall.com reached out to the coroner and Hawthorne Police to confirm the victim’s name and whether the deceased man was rapper Indian Red Boy.

How about the video? Can we watch the video of the shoot?

The horrific video, which you can watch below, shows a man described by Hip Hop Lately and others on social media as a Native American Indian apparently sitting in a car when he was shot. He then seems to have trouble speaking and has blood on his face. You can watch the video below via a link if you wish, but remember that it is scary and disturbing.

The horrific video You Watch By a Link

You can watch the video here on Facebook. 

In one moment, the casualty was conversing with a companion when the different discharges rang out. “What the f***,” his companion says. The casualty has all the earmarks of being attempting to talk yet falling flat.

A TV report by KCAL announced that Hawthorne police were at the location of the shooting. The casualty was a “male in his 20s who was shot and killed inside this vehicle.” The correspondent said there was numerous slug openings in the vehicle. The story doesn’t name him.

He was shot in the face and passed on at the scene, the TV correspondent said in the report, saying the family was at the scene and a huge group was gathering.

“A man in his 20s dead this evening subsequent to being shot in the face,” the KCAL columnist announced. Heavy.com has connected with Hawthorne police for extra subtleties Police Lt. Ti Goetz as saying the casualty “seems, by all accounts, to be a gangster” and “it gives off an impression of being a designated stroll up shooting.”

CBS Los Angeles announced that the shooting occurred while the man was sitting inside a vehicle at 4 p.m. in the 14100 square of Chadron Avenue. He was articulated dead at the scene.

On his Instagram page, individuals offered accolades for Indian Red Boy yet a few group made posse references to the Bloods. “Relax blxxd 🕊️” thought of one. “no not uuu, please get up we got to numerous recollections 😢” composed another. “Tear large brother man if by some stroke of good luck I had the chance to see ya’ll once again rest effectively up there 🙏” someone else composed.

Photographs on Indian Red Boy’s Instagram page show him with weapons and glimmering posse signs. MTO News announced that Indian Red Boy was vexed about another gangster blazing pack signs.