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Zelene Blancas (Texas Teacher) Wiki

Elene Blancas, a Texas teacher whose goodness video went viral in 2018, died of COVID-19. She wanted her students to know that they would always be a safe place in her classroom, and she tried to teach them to be kind to each other.

Zelene Blancas age

She was only 35 years old.

Zelene Blancas Video About ‘Kindness Greetings Viral in 2018

The El Paso, Texas, teacher showed her students how to be kind to one another in a 2018 video that went viral. You can watch the video below.

The 2018 video currently shows more than 22 million views and has received more than 83,000 likes on Twitter, with nearly 26,000 comments. The video is Dr. At Sue Shook Elementary School, she showed the freshmen in a series of greetings, hugging each other, handshaking, high-fives, and punching fists. The El Paso Times reported in 2018 that Blancas shared the video to show parents what their children are learning. Every day a student was chosen to greet other students as she left. Each student can choose from the greeting options on the wall as they leave. Blancas said she got the idea from other bloggers online.

Blancas created the exercise to help students cope with emotions and conflicts. He told El Paso Times about the video: “I want them to go home the next day, making them feel like they are waiting here, or that they will come back and find a safe place to learn. safe environment. ”

Zelene Blancas Death Cause & Medical expenses

Elene Blancas, a Texas teacher whose goodness video went viral in 2018, died of COVID-19.

According to KOMO News, when Blancas died of COVID-19, she was still Dr. She was a teacher at Sue Shook Primary School. She had been in the intensive care unit for seven weeks and had not been on campus. According to a GoFundMe, despite taking action on October 20 to raise money to cover his medical expenses, the test was positive and he was hospitalized on October 24. He stayed in the hospital for so long that he consumed all of his paid leave. They have raised more than $ 19,000 so far. Blancas was also a member of Pinksocks Life, which focused on spreading kindness as he taught his students in the 2018 video.