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Zara Holland (Arrest) Wiki

Police announced today that Zara Holland was ‘caught at the airport’ after escaping from her hotel in Barbados.

Officers on the Caribbean island found the Love Island star’s hotel room empty for £ 350 a night when they raided last Sunday.

Zara Holland Age

She Is 25 Year Old

Investigation & More Facts

Police on the island gave all the details of the 25-year-old’s arrest after his 30-year-old boyfriend, Elliott Love, tried to leave the country after his 30-year-old boyfriend was positive for Covid.

Ms. Holland will appear in court on Wednesday, where she will face up to one year in prison and a fine of £ 18,000.

The statement titled Quarantine Breach reads: ‘The Hastings Worthing Police Station police warned 25-year-old Great Britain citizen Zara Holland, who was staying at the Sugar Bay Hotel in Hastings, Christ Church, and prosecuted for the violation Quaratine. ‘Truths. The defendant arrived on the island on Sunday, December 27, 202, and was tested for Coronavirus on December 28, 2020 and instructed to remain at the Sugar Bay Hotel, Hastings, Christ Church until the results are known. On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, staff from the COVID-19 Division visited the hotel and discovered that Zara Holland was leaving without permission.

While trying to leave the island, Grantley was caught at Adams International Airport.

On Saturday, January 02, 2021, Zara Holland applied to Hastings Worthing Police Station accompanied by a lawyer, a summons was given for the crime and is expected to appear in the ‘A’ District Magistrate Court for this crime. 06.2021 Wednesday. ‘

The couple were initially placed in isolation at a specialist Covid-19 quarantine facility in northern Barbados, but Miss Holland has since been released after testing negative for the virus a second time and now remains in the hotel room.

When Mr. Love tested positive for Covid on arrival last Sunday, the pair were given red wristbands and told to stay in their rooms at the Sugar Bay Hotel for £ 300 a night until they were taken to a quarantine center in the north of the island. .

Instead, they booked a British Airways flight, cut off their wristbands, and took a taxi to the airport, where their name raised some red flags with airport officials due to their short turnaround times in the country, according to a local source. The police were later alarmed.

They were arrested and taken to St Lucys District Hospital, a basic unit where tourists were quarantined until they had two negative tests. Mr. Love is staying at the hospital.

When Zara from North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, was released, she returned to the Sugar Bay Hotel where she was staying, but was asked to leave by the manager and moved to Hilton.

‘He returned to the Sugar Bay hotel after he was released from quarantine, but the manager told him he had to leave because the hotel was embarrassed by violating the Covid-19 protocol,’ the source said.

On Saturday he apologized to the islands government and its angry residents, claiming that the couple’s actions were the result of great confusion and misunderstanding.

He told Ada newspaper Barbados Today: ‘I want to apologize to the entire Barbados country where there is a huge confusion and misunderstanding. I would not do anything to endanger an entire nation that I love and respect.

More than 1,000 people were reached on Change.org today as a petition calling for the Love Island star and her husband to be imprisoned.

The petition read: ‘They broke the law, but they also broke the trust of the wonderful open, kind and hospitable people of Barbados. They acted with a level of selfishness and authority to plead faith.

They undermined the enormous amount of work done by the government and the people of Barbados to suppress the transmission of society, and they not only risked the Bajans’ livelihoods but also their lives.

However, after Ministry of Health officials reported that one of them tested positive, the couple apparently took off their red wristbands, took a taxi to Grantley Adams International Airport, and tried to book a trip back to the UK with British Airways.

Sources say that while the male was in isolation until he recovered from the virus, the 25-year-old model who won a major beauty contest in the UK remained in quarantine until he proved he did not have the virus in tests. But if it turns out positive, it will be isolated too. ‘

A tourist was sentenced to six months in prison earlier this week for violating Barbados’ strict Covid-19 protocols, but only went out for a drink.

Dean George Scott, 49, from Jamaica, admitted to leaving the quarantine to ‘buy Fanta and other snacks’ after arriving on the resort island in early December, when he appeared on court.

Chief Justice Ian Weekes said the sentence was a ‘clear warning’ to others.

He said: ‘I must send a message to you and all other people that this cannot be tolerated. We’ve made a lot of profits, so you have to do it six months. Nobody should leave the quarantine, this is not allowed. ‘