A Woman Shot in U.S. Capitol, Live Stream Video Shows, Who Were Shot? More Facts You Need To Know

Woman Shot in U.S. Capitol, Live Stream Video Shows

As President Donald Trump’s supporters seized the U.S. Capitol, ran around the Senate rooms, and the police were gathering outside, a woman was shot live from inside the convention building.

They said that someone was killed on the Capitol and that they panned a woman with blood on her face in the Capitol they took over. “Damn, they killed him.” It is not yet clear what happened. It looks like the woman was shot. CNN confirmed that the woman was shot and in critical condition. “Welcome to the beginning of the Civil War,” says a man in the video. He said the Secret Service shot him and didn’t have a gun, but that was uncertain. “The Capitol Police killed a Patriotic woman,” said another man.

The shooting took place outside the House of Representatives room. Photographs taken from the inside of the parliament building showed the US Parliament Police with guns pointing at the doors of a crowd trying to enter the room while Congressmen, officials and the press were inside.

One man said in the live streaming video. Hey, where’s the Senate floor. They said go to the senate floor. ”

A man in the video declared the Senate insiders “patriotic” and declared the election a fraud. “They’re trying to get people out.”

They gathered in the hallway, waving flags and shouting “whose house is our home”.

The scene turned out to be dramatic reports coming out of the US Capitol. It was locked up, Vice President Mike Pence was taken to a safe place, members of Congress stood on the podium, discussions about the approval of the election were stopped, and there was news of shatters of glass, gunfire and people running around the Senate floor. Capitol police officers were injured.

They are in the room. “Trump won that election,” Igor Bobic, a reporter for the Huffington Post, wrote about Trump supporters!

“Several people got on a pier outside the Senate, took it up to the second floor, which looked like McConnell’s office, and started crashing into the windows.

Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer shared a video and wrote: “Trump supporters overcame the Capitol building, broke down the 4-story security fence and try to invade the building – fighting the invaded federal police. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Thousands of cops can’t stop them There are reports that Trump supporters “opened fire on the chamber” of the House in the US Capitol. Journalist Matt Fuller wrote, “Guns pulled into the room.” Authorities did not approve these accounts. Recently, Trump held a rally in which he insulted election officials, urged Vice President Mike Pence to reject the election results, and declared that America no longer had “free and fair” elections. He described some Republicans as weak and insisted that he won the presidential election despite Republican officials in various states, including Georgia, and said inspections and investigations failed.