Who Was Winston Boogie Smith ? Wiki, Bio, Shot To Death, Investigation & More Facts

Winston Boogie Smith Wiki – Biography

Who Was Winston Boogie Smith ?

Winston “Boogie” Smith has been identified as the artist and comedian who was shot to death by sheriff’s deputies in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Police said he was armed and wanted on heavy firearm charges.

Looting, rioting and protests erupted around the time Smith was shot, fueled by the authorities’ decision to remove some artwork and flowers from George Floyd square.
Authorities Say Smith Fired His Gun From Inside The Car.

Winston Boogie Age

He Was 32 Year Old

Winston Boogie Smith Shot, Police Investigation & More Facts

Smith’s fatal shooting occurred on June 3, 2021. Although authorities did not reveal Smith’s name, his identity was confirmed to Newsweek and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune by those who knew him. Numerous tribute posts on social media identify him as the man who was shot.

A press release from the Minnesota Criminal Arrest Bureau, which investigated the attack, said that “the officer was involved in the shooting,” which occurred on Thursday, June 3, “on the top floor of a parking ramp at 1405 W. Lake Street in the Uptown area of ​​Minneapolis.”

“Law enforcement officers serving in the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force have been alerted to the whereabouts of the man with the warrant for gross firearm violation. They contacted him to take him into custody,” it said.

“According to the preliminary investigation, at one point the Hennepin County deputy and the Ramsey County deputy who served on the task force unloaded their guns and shot the man. He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

The publication claims that Smith fired his gun.

Evidence at the crime scene indicates that the man fired his gun from inside the vehicle. BCA crime scene personnel retrieved a pistol and empty cartridge cases from inside the driver’s compartment.

“The 27-year-old female passenger in the vehicle was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment of glass injuries sustained during the incident and discharged. BCA is in the very early stages of its investigation. BCA will provide additional information as the investigation progresses.”

There is no video in the situation.

“The U.S. Marshal Agency currently does not allow the use of body cameras for officers serving in the North Star Fugitive Task Force. There are no crew camera recordings of the incident. Once the investigation is complete, the BCA will submit its findings to the appropriate prosecutor for review without advice,” he said.
The Duluth News-Tribune reported that Smith was a “murder suspect,” according to browser traffic. But the BCA press release doesn’t mention this aspect at all.
Smith rapped under the name Wince Me Boi. He has released some songs on YouTube. Still, they didn’t have much of an opinion.

He also posted some of his tracks on Twitter. Smith also had an Instagram page.

She wrote on Instagram, “Thanks for following me. My name is Wince Me Boi! I do music, acting, comedy and camera work. My main goal is to inspire and mislead young people.”

He has also appeared in comedy skits and played the Door Dash Driver in a video for comedian Steff Weezy. “Brother, I try a lot of food, I try pizza, like ice cream, everything; Brother, I’m trying many new points, it’s a good job,” he said in that video.

Smith wrote on Facebook that he works at Elite Global Management LLC, attended Roosevelt Senior High School, is from Minneapolis, and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“A few years ago I had the opportunity to shoot with Winston Boogie Smith. Let’s face it, we didn’t know each other well, but it was always love and my brother was always in good spirits. You hate to see someone go out like this no matter the circumstances,” one man wrote in a tribute on his page.

Minnesota court records reveal that Smith had a criminal history in Minnesota.

He was convicted of first degree aggravated theft in 2017. Court records name him as Winston Boogie Smith, Jr. This case made him a criminal. He was convicted of drug possession in 2018.

There are loads of other cases in the system, but these are for petty crimes.

He had previously been convicted of taking public transport without paying; abandoning a vehicle; possession of marijuana in the vehicle (twice); and public harm.
Smith last posted on Instagram the day he died. The post showed it was at an oyster bar and was displaying alcoholic beverages.

Two days ago, he said, “I have money and I didn’t know how to act! 😆 #FollowWinceMeBoi.” According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, her latest video on Snapchat showed her eating Cajun beef bites at Stella’s Fish Café


People are now filling the comment threads on social media with condolences. Someone wrote “RIP KING” on Instagram. “I am hurt, brother,” wrote another.

“I am very sorry that the system has failed you,” said another. “Damn it! It’s savage! Peace of mind🙏🏾” wrote another person.
On Instagram, Smith has featured several times in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was later convicted of murder in the Floyd death.

“It’s a conspiracy!!! WinceMeBoi has a CLOWN!!! #Viral #Share #ChauvinCase #GeorgeFloydTrial” she wrote in court with a photo of Chauvin.

In another post, he wrote, “I am working on the George Floyd case.” The photo he posted appears to show him on a laptop behind Chauvin in court, though it’s unclear what he was doing there.
Another post showed Smith with a police squad car in the background. “From war to peace. When you close about 12,” he wrote.

She has been photographed in the past with civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

Minneapolis police were not involved in this shooting.