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Federal charges are moving against an Auburn man for alleged involvement in the deadly riot and uprising in the US Capitol on Jan. 6. Court documents obtained by News 3 show that 23-year-old William Watson faces a civil disorder. Entering a Restricted Building or Grounds Involving Fatal or Dangerous Weapons and Violent Entrance or Erratic Behavior.

On Wednesday afternoon, Watson was behind bars at the Lee County Detention Facility. It is unclear when Watson will be placed in Federal custody. According to court documents, what is clear is that Watson went to Washington D.C. to support Donald Trump and believes that President Joe Biden’s legal choice was fraudulent. Five people, including a Capitol Police, were killed when pro-Trump rebels raided the US Capitol while lawmakers were working to confirm President Joe Biden’s victory.

News 3 received a copy of the Criminal Complaint filed against Watson at the District Court of Columbia District of the United States on January 17 and a copy of the 16-page Criminal Complaint and Sworn Statement in Support of the Arrest Warrant. The statement alleges that Watson was told overnight to FBI agents who traveled from Auburn, Alabama to Washington D.C. with a friend, and that Watson told investigators that he was following “the program that Alex Jones introduced”. The FBI states that Alex Jones is a radio host who runs the InfoWars website. The FBI says Jones is known for promoting conspiracy theories and disinformation while promoting protests outside the US Capitol on January 6. The document contains statements detailing Watson’s actions against the FBI when he confessed to entering the Capitol through a shattered window. The legal document contains pictures of Watson allegedly wearing a yellow sweatshirt at the U.S. Capitol. Watson’s bearded face is now known by many across the country as the man standing next to a shirtless man wearing a horned hat named Jake Angeli as the crowd is confronted by the US House Police outside the Senate Chamber. The document also includes a video link and still images of allegedly holding Watson outside on the grounds of the Capitol with a bun box pointing in the direction of law enforcement. On January 11, FBI agents met with Watson, who renounced her rights and described her actions on the day the US Capitol was occupied by the crowd. During the meeting, Watson stated that “he went to Washington, D.C. to support patriots, support Trump, support freedom. I think the most important part of why we were there that day is that they approved the fraudulent election that day and we protested it.”

The FBI said Watson refused to do anything violent and tried to calm the crowd after entering the building. Watson said that after arriving in Washington, D.C., he was in the Ellipse area south of the White House earlier in the day, and at one point he saw others walking towards the U.S. Capitol and followed him. What happened next is detailed by the FBI agent in the Chartered Document:

“WATSON advanced in front of the crowd on the stage set for the Presidential Inauguration on the west side of the US Capitol. WATSON also stated that he watched the program that Alex Jones introduced and prompted others to meet at 9:00 in Ellipse and then at 13:00 in the US Capitol, according to Watson. Protesting while the Congressional Selection Committee approves their votes. WATSON stated that he brought nothing but a bottle of water to the event. He also stated that he brought a taser with him but left it in the car. In law enforcement barriers in the US Capitol, the crowd, among other things, began to cite law enforcement “their oath is to protect us, not them,” WATSON said. WATSON also said, “I mean, it’s to protect us all, but not if they’re treasonous.” WATSON claimed that at one point law enforcement started spraying tear gas and a mace on the crowd. WATSON stated that someone was “ on our side, just shouting ‘Offense’ and everyone started to move to the left under the Opening grandstands. ” We started pushing and pushing, and finally we went through that area and then they made another little line and then we went to that line and then they gave up and after that, they gave up completely and they moved the rest of the barricades up the stairs to the building, and then He made gestures to get us in. “WATSON later stated that he approached the US Capitol and started hitting the windows” trying to get people to hear me.

The FBI agent noted that a United States Capitol Police Officer described Watson as “quiet and withdrawn and helping the USCPO try to calm the crowd.” In an FBI interview on January 15, Watson admitted to the Capitol that he was carrying a box of mace and a pocket knife. Watson says he used the knife to tear the cloth around the Presidential Opening pier so that the crowd could move further towards the U.S. Capitol. Watson said that the mace box was given to him and had no intention of using it but defending himself. A video in which Watson alleges targeting the mace box in the direction of law enforcement outside the Capitol is detailed in the report. Watson told police that in his first meeting on January 11, out of fear of “more punishment”, he initially did not mention using a knob. When FBI agents return to Watson’s Auburn home to find the bun box, the agents suspect that the mace and other items have been removed from Watson’s home. The problem is detailed by the case representative in the sworn statement:

“WATSON stated that on January 6, 2021, the mace he carried in his person in the US Capital was at his home, on his desk, with his computer. He agreed to another search of his house so that your sorcerer could locate the mace. Upon WATSON’s consent, I called his home the same day, but could not find the location of the mace. Upon entering WATSON’s residence, it appeared to your spouse that someone had entered the residence and removed several items since WATSON was detained on January 11, 2021 and law enforcement was conducting the search. For example, the computer that WATSON told your spouse. It would be on the table, and when your elder made a search on January 15, 2021, there was no bun box at home. “