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The suspect in custody was William Chase Johnson. Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham initially told news outlets that Williams was shot at a gas station.
suspect detained after the fatal shooting of Alabama sheriff John Williams

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He Is 18 Year Old

William Chase Johnson shooting of Alabama sheriff John Williams,  investigation

Authorities announced that an Alabama sheriff was fatally shot in a community near the state capital on Saturday evening, and an 18-year-old suspect was detained after an hour-long manhunt.

Governor Kay Ivey tweeted that Lowndes County Sheriff John Williams was “tragically murdered” in the course of the mission and offered his prayers and sympathy to his family and the county sheriff department.

The suspect in custody was 18-year-old William Chase Johnson. Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham initially told news outlets that Williams was shot at a gas station.

The state issued an emergency alert saying it was looking for an 18-year-old white man who was last seen at a QV gas station at 20:15, in the area and at the reported firing hours.

Sergeant. Steve Jarrett, commander of the state soldiers’ Montgomery outpost, later confirmed to reporters that the attack took place at the QV station and Johnson was the only suspect at the time.

According to the warning, it was considered a “serious risk” that may have traveled on foot.

Jarrett confirmed to the news outlets that Johnson approached the shooting scene just after midnight and had a gun with him.

State law enforcement officials canceled the emergency alarm early Sunday, saying Johnson was in custody.

“Details of how he escaped from the scene and then reappeared at the scene, all of this will be investigated,” Jarrett said, according to WSFA-TV.

The gas station is located in Hayneville’s Lowndes County seat, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) southwest of Montgomery.

The long sheriff was known as “Big John”. Ivey paid tribute to him online, writing that during his years of service in the US Marine Corps and his “many years in law enforcement, he dedicated his life to keeping other people safe.” The sheriff was first elected as a Democrat in 2010.

He was a Lowndes County native who began volunteering as a reserve assistant in 1978. He worked for the Hayneville police before joining the full-time sheriff department in 1987 and being appointed chief assistant in 1990.

“Sheriff Williams has always wanted to make a difference in his community and felt there was no better way to help his community than to protect and serve them in law enforcement.”

Lowndes County is predominantly black. According to the 2010 census, its population was around 11,000. In 2007, more than 60 people gathered at the county courthouse to protest the Gov of that time. Bob Riley’s appointment of a white policeman to replace the district’s late sheriff.

At that time, the head of the county commission said five commissioners and other elected officials recommended Williams, who was black for the position.

During his decades-long career in the sheriff’s office, Williams was the detention officer of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a black militant known as H. Rap ​​Brown in the 1960s, especially before he converted to Islam in 2000.

Al-Amin was searched and later shot dead in 2000 on a Fulton County deputy sheriff in Atlanta.

Williams is fifth in Alabama to die from in-service gunfights, and sixth overall, according to State Attorney Steve Marshall.