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A man from Virginia was arrested Friday at an opening checkpoint in Washington, D.C., after authorities found at least one firearm and ammunition, claiming that he had forgotten the gun was in his truck, calling it an “honest mistake”.

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Wesley Allen Beeler, 31

Wesley Allen Beeler Charged Investigation

Wesley Allen Beeler, 31, from Front Royal, was arrested at 6:30 pm. The Washington Post reported after police said they found the ammunition and an unauthorized identity document.

A Capitol Police spokesperson told the newspaper that Beeler had been arrested for carrying unlicensed guns, unregistered possession of firearms and unregistered ammunition.

A judge issued an order to be released in exchange for personal recognition and to stay away from the District of Columbia.

It was an honest mistake, ”Beeler told the Post on Saturday that he was late for work. “After I disappeared in D.C., I pulled up to a checkpoint because I am a village boy. I showed them the opening badge I was given.”

According to the charging documents, Beeler was driving a white Ford F-150 when stopped at a checkpoint north of the US Capitol, according to WJLA.

The US Capital Police said Beeler was “not authorized to enter the restricted area” with the credentials provided, and the Post said on Saturday that the police presented a “non-government identity document”.

Beeler said he was given an identity document by his employer, MVP Protection Services. “Sorry, I’m not authorized to speak right now,” a man told the Post when answering a phone number associated with the company.

When asked by officers at the checkpoint whether he had any weapons, Beeler admitted to the officers that his truck had a firearm, WTTG reported. The television station reported that the officers pulled Beeler out of the truck to check the rest of the vehicle.

Officers alleged that they saw the end of the Glock gun and magazine near the driver’s side of the truck while charging documents, WJLA reported.

According to the charging documents, a high-capacity magazine of 17 rounds loaded on a gun was found, loaded with 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition. Capitol Police said there was 509 9mm hollow point and cannon ammunition and 21 12-gauge shotgun shells at the rear of the vehicle, WJLA reported. There was also a pistol designed to “fire with one hand and could launch a bullet with a burst”.

Beeler was arrested at 19.48 pm, WJLA reported.

According to the Post newspaper, Beeler denied that he had more than 500 rounds of ammunition. He added that he had forgotten that his gun was in the truck while leaving his house. According to the newspaper report, Beeler said he has a gun license in Virginia.

Beeler told the Post that he remembers only loaded firearms and shotgun bullets in his vehicle.

“I forgot to take it out of my truck before I got to work,” Beeler told the newspaper. “I don’t know what the D.C. laws are. It still comes back to me, but I’m not a criminal.”

According to the Post newspaper, Beeler said he volunteered for a job in Washington after a friend reported that he had a job with the MVP to maintain media equipment overnight. He said that the identity document given to him was enough to enter the region.

Noelle Beeler, Beeler’s wife, said after hearing about the arrest she understood why people reacted with fear and anxiety.

“It’s understandable at these times. It sounds suspicious,” she said.