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Wayne Couzens was arrested last night with a woman believed to be the wife of Wayne Couzens, 48, on suspicion of helping a criminal in his home in Deal, Kent. The 33-year-old disappeared last week while walking home from a friend’s house in Clapham, southwest London. 48 years old.

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Marketing manager Sarah Everard must have returned home in Brixton at 10 p.m. Wednesday evening – but she hasn’t been seen since. And in a “shocking and deeply disturbing” update on the incident, Scotland Yard announced the arrest of a police officer after Sarah’s disappearance last night. The Sun could reveal that Wayne Couzens, a Westminster-based armed diplomatic guard, was arrested at his home in Kent last night.

His work saw him provide protection at large public events attended by senior members of the Royal Family. Meeting this afternoon, the police confirmed that a soldier was arrested on suspicion of abduction last night. They said he had been arrested on suspicion of murder and on a separate allegation of improper exposure. PC Couzens is thought to have joined the police late about 10 years ago after working on a family garage repair business in Dover. “It is truly shocking that Sarah was arrested for her disappearance,” said a former colleague of PC Couzens. Investigating Sarah’s disappearance, detectives are also searching for her locker at the police base in Westminster Palace, where she works today. Following the police officer’s arrest, the Metropolitan Police applied to the Independent Police Conduct Bureau. 48-year-old neighbor David Ladd said he saw Couzens being put in a handcuffed police car last night. He told The Sun: “We were escorted to the back of a police car. Police now set up a forensic tent in a house in Kent, and a car was seized from the house. A woman believed to be a police partner was also arrested at the same location on suspicion of aiding a criminal. She stays in custody she. However, Wayne’s stepmother, Corrine Couzens, added that he could not comment on The Sun: “I know what happened.” Speaking this morning, Deputy Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said “we really hope” that Sarah is still alive as the cops. They are looking for tips, including an unused paintball center and a golf practice course.