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Vyvianna Quinonez

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Who Is Vyvianna Quinonez ?

Vyvianna Quinonez, was additionally accused on Wednesday of meddling with a flight team, a lawful offense. She is planned to show up in court in San Diego on September 17.

A California lady who supposedly punched a Southwest Airlines airline steward in the face, taking out two of her teeth, and pulling her hair has been accused of crime attack in government court.

The orderly on the Southwest Airlines plane, recognized in court reports just as S.L., lost two teeth and experienced different wounds to her face in the wake of educating the suspect to affix her safety belt and wear her face veil appropriately on the May 23 departure from Sacramento, California, to San Diego, examiners expressed.

Vyvianna Quinonez Age

She Is 28 Year Old.

Vyvianna Quinonez Charged Accused of attacking flight attendant on plane bound for San Diego

First You Need To Know
  • Vyvianna Quinonez, 28, accused of government checks of crime attack and meddling with a flight team
  • Quinonez was seen on video supposedly punching an airline steward on board Southwest Airlines departure from Sacramento to San Diego in May
  • Court records affirm Quinonez became angry in the wake of being told by team part to attach her safety belt, stow her collapsible table and wear her veil appropriately
  • Quinonez is blamed for punching female airline steward in the face with a shut clench hand and pulling her hair
  • Viral video shows casualty with blood real time down her face in the wake of experiencing a cut that necessary fastens
  • Quinonez told specialists that she acted in self-preservation
  • She additionally faces a charge of crime battery causing genuine real injury in state court

The airline steward had a cut under her left eye that necessary four lines subsequent to being punched in the face and injuries looking like fingers on her right arm, as indicated by a reasonable justification articulation.

The turbulent scene on board Southwest Airlines Flight 700 was caught on a traveler’s cellphone video, which shows a blonde lady in a cover over and over punching the female team part in the face, leaving her bloodied.

The airline steward had requested that Quinonez affix her safety belt, stow her collapsible table and appropriately wear her facemask as the plane started its last plunge.

As indicated by the reasonable justification proclamation, when S.L. seen that Quinonez was shooting her on her telephone and moved toward her, the traveler pushed the airline steward, who responded by telling the lady: ‘You don’t push an airline steward.’ ‘Quinonez stood up and purposely attacked S.L by purposefully punching S.L. in the face and head with a shut clench hand and getting S.L’s. hair,’ the archive states.

Video of the squabble shows a male traveler sitting one line in front of Quinonez hop in the middle of her and the airline steward to stop the beating.

‘Plunk down!’ the man hollers at Quinonez. ‘Don’t even think about contacting her! Sit the f*** down!’

The recording show the airline steward remaining behind the male traveler and clearing blood off her face. The casualty was subsequently captured being taken out from the plane in a wheelchair prior to being taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital to be treated for her wounds.

Quinonez told specialists that she acted in self-preservation, as per the court recording.

The occurrence denoted a heightening in raucous conduct via carrier travelers and drove the leader of the airline stewards’ association to request more government air marshals on planes.

Government specialists have been taking action against crazy aircraft travelers as the quantity of in-flight fights has soar as of late.

The Federal Aviation Administration has given an aggregate of $1million in fines to 80 travelers so far this year subsequent to getting almost 3,900 reports of episodes since January.

One JetBlue client was hit with the heaviest fine of $45,000 for flinging objects at travelers and placing his head up an airline steward’s skirt in May.

Quinonez likewise faces a charge of crime battery causing genuine real injury in state court. She has been out on $35,000 bail.

Tanya Sierra, a representative for the San Diego County lead prosecutor’s office, said Quinonez is booked to show up in court on September 10.