Founder of Villalobos Rescue, ‘We’re Scared’ of Hurricane Ida

Villalobos Rescue

Villalobos Rescue

Tia Torres and Earl Moffett, Founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center, speak on stage at the 2014 “Pit Bulls & Parolees” panel.

Villalobos Rescue the focal point of the Animal Planet series known as “Pit Bulls and Parolees,” was in the way of Hurricane Ida as it made landfall in Louisiana. The salvage place set up a GoFundMe to assist manage the aftermath of the class 4 tempest. The salvage got several thousands in gifts after the originator, Tia Torres, uncovered that she was terrified with regards to what planned to occur from the tempest. Here are the most recent updates.

More Than $70,000 Has Been Donated to the GoFundMe After Torres Shared: ‘We Are Scared’

At the hour of this present article’s distribution, more than $70,000 had effectively been given to the salvage’s GoFundMe, which has a $100,000 objective. Originator Tia Torres dispatched the GoFundMe and remembered a photograph of her during Hurricane Isaac for 2012, which was just a classification 1 tropical storm.

She composed on the GoFundMe that they were terrified of how they would deal with the harms that would come from the tempest. She said they would probably be without power, incapable to “hustle” for gifts. Likewise, they hadn’t been on TV since last April on account of the pandemic, so they were at that point coming up short on reserves.

She composed:

Typhoon Ida will turn into the greatest fight VRC has at any point needed to look since moving to Louisiana. In California it was the fierce blazes and Santa Ana winds. Also, despite the fact that we have experienced different storms since moving here in 2011 and flooding consistently, Hurricane Ida coming in at a very good quality Category 4 typhoon will test our solidarity.

Add to the entirety of this, we have not shot since keep going year, not been on TV since last April and have been battling with gifts because of the COVID pandemic. VRC is battling… .frantically.

We can not support the cost of the anticipated harms to come. Add to this, I/Tia Torres can not keep “hustling” consistently for gifts, awards, raising money, and so forth, in light of the fact that not exclusively will we as a whole be without influence for some time yet we will assemble our lives back for quite a long time to come.

We won’t make it without every one of you. I mean this from the heart. We are terrified. If it’s not too much trouble, help us.

The salvage’s site likewise has gift subtleties on the web.

The Rescue’s Two Locations Were in the Path of the Storm

The salvage has two areas, one in New Orleans and one in Assumption Parish. The two areas were in the way of the tempest, the salvage shared on Facebook. The salvage later shared that the Assumption Parish prison and sanctuary canines were completely secure in the wake of being moved to their office in Napoleonville.

In a Facebook Live around 10 a.m., Torres shared that the salvage came to Louisiana knowing there were typhoons, however expecting to leave the rapidly spreading fires.

“We left a place where there is out of control fires,” she said. “It’s simply an alternate cataclysmic event I presume. We’re not playing the casualty here… So let me move that.”

Villalobos Rescue Center was Live

She shared more insights regarding why migrating their canines is so troublesome. They had migrated a few canines to Texas, however were restricted in the number of they could send. She said:

To the extent the departure interaction, it’s not as simple as everyone might suspect. The most ideal way I can portray it is similar to a Titanic. They saw the chunk of ice ahead and they attempted to control to move… We saw the ice shelf a couple of days prior, yet we have many canines. You don’t simply get together and go that way. We would in a real sense need a vacant pet hotel office with like 300 or thereabouts pet hotels, living quarters for every one of my workers… It’s exceptionally upsetting on the canines.

We got a few canines out yesterday. I sent a portion of my representatives that have little youngsters and a vanload of canines with them to Texas. The canines were so worried. They were so terrified. What’s more, that is what occurs… It’s similar to flipping a coin: what’s more upsetting? … If we were to empty a few canines, that implies I would need to take a few representatives to go with them. And afterward the workers left behind would not have the labor they need. … There’s force in numbers. That is the reason we’re staying together…

She then, at that point uncovered that there wasn’t adequate room in New Orleans to bring all the Assumption Parish canines.

“We have two areas… ” she said. “One over here in Assumption Parish and we have New Orleans. Individuals figure we can get together in Assumption Parish and move to the structure in New Orleans. That is false. … We’re uniting a portion of the areas in New Orleans and moving them into the new structure… ”

“We have clearly a great deal of troublesome canines,” she added.

She clarified that some are canine forceful and some aren’t cordial. So that makes it more hard to place everybody in one spot as well.

“Tragically, both of our places will get hit,” she shared.

The projected landfall area was exceptionally near them, she added, and they expected to be out of force for quite a while after. She said they had next to no pay this year due to not being on TV, and selections were more slow during the pandemic. Gifts have made all the difference for them.

‘We Are Going to Get Hurt,’ She Revealed

“We will get injured,” Torres recognized. “We will see some harm. We’re most likely going to be without power for some time. So I’m attempting to sort out what to do similarly as getting canines elsewhere.”

She clarified that a property they have in Texas was set up for the wolf canines, and they didn’t have any pet hotels to house any of their Louisiana canines there. She likewise said they had a little property in Louisiana that they could take a few canines to, however they additionally need to remain together for the labor, which settles on the choices extreme.

Torres said they’ll have a major requirement for volunteers after the tempest and individuals can simply appear in New Orleans at their structure around 9 a.m. on Tuesday after the tempest’s gone, conceivably as right on time as Monday evening. Be that as it may, for Assumption Parish, volunteers need to email her at to discover how they can help.