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Victoria Strauss Wiki – Accident 

Victoria Strauss had dropped her credit card, and when the accident occurred in Columbus, Ohio, she was leaning over to try to get it.

Victoria Strauss Age

She Was 23 Year Old

Victoria Strauss Death Investigation Reports

Police said, according to Columbus Dispatch, Victoria stepped on the gas when she leaned from her foot, causing the car to jerk forward and hit her head. A security guard found Victoria stuck at the checkout counter yesterday morning and was declared dead by paramedics at the scene. 

After Victoria’s discovery, the police were called to the scene at 5.40 am yesterday.

In a post on social media, Columbus Ohio Police said: ‘ dropped his card while trying to pay for the parking lot.

She tried to get her card by opening her door and leaning to get his card. She unwittingly sped up and hit the parking lot kiosk.

The collision trapped him between his car door and door frame. Strauss died after colliding with the kiosk and was revealed at the scene. Nobody else got involved.

CCTV Footage

CCTV footage shows the Ohio State University master’s graduate getting out of his vehicle at 23:30 on Monday.

It seems that after pressing the accelerator, the car jerks forward and hits the head.

One of Victoria’s friends posted on Facebook: ‘Pretty Victoria Strauss, I can’t believe this news. You are a very beautiful, inspiring, wonderful soul. Rest easy and fly with the angelic!

I know you are happy with your dad now. I want to thank you for being there for me, helping me with my grieving process and helping me with you going, and all your kind words.