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The mother of five died after her entire family, including her newborn baby, contracted coronavirus. Victoria Gallardo, 33, tested positive for Covid-19 a few days after birth, was medically in a coma and died last week. Gallardo’s oldest daughter, 9, first contracted the coronavirus in January, according to ABC13, and the virus spread to her other children and her husband Armando Gallardo.


The newborn daughter fell ill when she was 11 days old. For the baby, Armando Gallardo said, “Her fever was very high, She did not want to eat, She was sleeping too much.” “We were very worried. According to a GoFundMe page set up for her, all the children and husbands in Cypress, Texas have recovered, but Victoria Gallardo’s condition worsened and she contracted pneumonia.


“It breaks my heart when the doctor says there’s nothing they can do,” her husband told the TV channel. While Victoria Gallardo was admitted to the hospital, her husband took care of their children, who had not seen their mother for more than a month. The mother did not have any health problems or underlying problems. The family is not sure why the coronavirus hits her more than her children and husband. On the GoFundMe page it says, “Please understand that you are fighting this war until the last breath.” “Although many families, friends, and others pray for his recovery, we now admit he’s recovered, just not the way we expected.” Armando Gallardo warned against underestimating Covid-19 and how it might affect young, healthy people. “When you see your loved ones on the fan, literally lifeless on the fan, he thinks it’s a joke until you get home,” said the now single dad. “It breaks your heart.”