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Who Was Travell Miller ? Wiki, Bio, Killed While Protecting Daughter From Shooting

Travell Miller Wiki – Travell Miller Biography

Who Was Travell Miller ?

Travell Miller, a single parent has kicked the bucket after he was shot multiple times while ensuring his seven-year-old little girl when they were trapped while sitting in their vehicle in Chicago.

First You Need To Know:
  • Travell Miller, was taking his girl Norielle to school on her 3rd day of 2nd grade when they were trapped around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday
  • Mill operator, a single parent, was on the telephone with his own mom, Aquantas Gilmore, when he was shot multiple times
  • Aquantas caught her child advise his girl to get down when he saw the man moving toward his vehicle with a firearm
  • Mill operator put his arms around her and safeguarded her from the shameless assault
  • Mill operator had a subsequent girl named Esther, who was conceived while he was in school, however whom was taken on by a family in Minnesota
  • Esther, 14, has delivered an explanation grieving the deficiency of her natural dad, with whom she has remained nearby as the years progressed
  • She said her father kicked the bucket ‘being courageous’ and kept in touch with the supposed killer that she will be in the court to watch him ‘get attempted and sentences to life in jail’.

Travell Miller Age

He Was 33 Year Old.

Travell Miller, 33-year-old Chicago father was shot to death by four shots while protecting his seven-year-old daughter when they were ambushed while sitting in their car.

Travell Miller, 33, was taking his little girl Norielle to school around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday when they were trapped with gunfire and he ‘protected’ her from the assault, his progression mother Tunesia Gilmore wrote in a GoFundMe.

‘He was a single parent raising his child young lady, who he adored so a lot,’ Tunesia Gilmore composed. ‘Lamentably she saw his passing and being the extraordinary dad that he was, he utilized his body as a safeguard to shield her from the assault.’

Mill operator’s progression mother told in a meeting that he was on the telephone with his mom, Aquantas Gilmore, when he was shot multiple times. Norielle, who is in 2nd grade, was headed to her third day of classes.

Aquantas caught her child advise his little girl to get down when he saw the man moving toward his vehicle with a firearm, Tunisia said [Miller] advised Norielle to get down and he put his arms around her. She realized that he was dead since he wasn’t talking any more,’ Tunisia Gilmore said.

Norielle revealed to her family that she didn’t see the man ‘since daddy advised me to get down,’ Tunesia told

Joseph Gilmore, Miller’s dad, added to the Chicago Sun-Times that among his child’s last words were: ‘Mom, Mama, I’ve been shot.’

Specialists told the family that the area of Miller’s injuries show he had attempted to ensure Norielle, Tunesia related.

Norielle, wearing a Minnie Mouse face veil, grieved her dad in a short appearance outside their home with her grandparents and other relatives, WGN revealed.

‘Daddy was the best man in my life and presently he’s gone,’ she said, crying Esther, 14, has delivered a proclamation grieving the deficiency of her organic dad, with whom she has remained nearby as the years progressed, and encouraged observers to offer clues for police.

‘I had gotten a text from my Uncle Darnell, that my father was dead. He was shot while driving my sister, Nori, to school. At first I thought it was a joke, that I was being tricked – yet clearly I was not. I sobbed for two hours,’ she composed.

‘I actually cry however just in case he is referenced, discussed or on the other hand on the off chance that I see an image of him.’ She said her dad can not see her develop and mature into a grown-up.

‘My father can’t watch me develop, can’t watch me land my first position, can’t watch me set off for college, can’t watch me get a beau and get hitched, can’t walk me down the passageway or meet his grandkids,’ Esther composed.

‘Presently I might want to converse with the killer himself. Hi. I trust you realize that got your face on observation. Do you want to pull off this?’

Esther kept in touch with the supposed killer that she will be in the court to watch him ‘get attempted and sentences to life in jail.’

‘You removed my father from me and my sister, somebody who was mindful, adoring, kind and savvy. Somebody who was an incredible dad to two living children, conceived seven years separated, and united them to meet one another,’ Esther composed.

The youngster noticed that the shooting ‘seriously damaged’ her sister, cautioning that ‘karma will be coming.’

‘My father observed superhuman motion pictures, regardless of whether it be DC or Marvel,’ she composed. ‘My father has observed superheroes, presently he has become and has passed on being gallant.’

The Chicago Police Department said in a news discharge that the suspect, who has not yet been discovered, drove up close to Miller’s vehicle and escaped his Pontiac Grand Prix prior to terminating at the single parent.

The speculate then ran away from the area and was most recently seen driving eastward on Chicago Avenue prior to turning southward on Sacramento Avenue.

Cops said that the vehicle had no front or back plates, yet depicted it as having conceivable harm to the driver’s side back quarter board.

Mill operator was taken by rescue vehicle to Mount Sinai Hospital where he was articulated dead, cops said.

Examiners are attempting to decide whether over the top anger prompted the shooting, and relatives said Miller had no foes or binds to any groups.

‘He wasn’t essential for any pack life, criminal life. He was certifiably not a grieved man, didn’t have any adversaries. He was a sibling, a dad, a child. He was an accomplice,’ said Lavell Miller, his twin sibling. Lavell Miller told the Chicago Sun-Times that he and his sibling ‘did everything together’ and had even moved to Miami, Florida to seek after bartending – dealing with an Instagram account committed to the art called The Bartwinders.

The twins chose to get back to Chicago in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when bartending occupations became hard to track down in Miami, Lavell Miller said.

‘It’s been a monetary battle due to the pandemic. We currently at last saw an approach to explore some accomplishment through this. We had plans. I was anticipating us being a group for seemingly forever,’ he said.

Tunesia has posted photographs of reconnaissance photographs showing the speculate who supposedly shot and killed her child.


In her meeting with, Tunesia said her progression child was ‘exceptionally adoring’ and ‘had a grin that could illuminate a room.’

‘You don’t know a lot of youngster who might assume the undertaking of bringing up a kid without anyone else. He has done all that he expected to do to raise her,’ she said. ‘They were dearest friends, closest companions and she is simply destroyed. It’s horrendous.’


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