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A Georgian man was arrested, saying he entered the US Capitol through broken glass during the riots.
He told agents that he was traveling to Washington D.C. with his family to attend the “Stop Stealing” rally. According to a 23-year-old Georgian criminal, he admitted to FBI agents that he entered the US Capital last month through a broken window.

On January 21, after receiving a report, agents interviewed Benjamin Torre at his home in Dawsonville. He told the agents that he and his family went to Washington D.C. to attend the “Stop Stealing” rally.

The document said he told the agent that “things were getting a little hot” and that “D.C. Police came and made a line next to the Capitol to prevent people from climbing the pier.”

While in the Capitol Building, the officers “helped us” and did not try to stop intruders from entering, Torre said. He said he nodded even to the officers as he progressed through the building.
He said he saw a number of officers at one point and spoke to them and said, “We’re here to support you and we’re back in the blue.”

He told FBI agents that he did not damage any property while in the Capitol.

Torre is accused of intentionally entering the Capitol without legal authority and knowingly attempting to hinder or disrupt the orderly conduct of government affairs. Officials said he was arrested on Tuesday (February 9th).