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Tommy Pilling,, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, lost his battle with the coronavirus on January 1, leaving behind his 49-year-old wife Maryanne, who said he was ‘completely lost’ without love.

The couple has been protected for ten months, when Tommy, who was diagnosed with dementia six years ago, was hospitalized for a chest infection on December 10.

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He Was 62 Year Old

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A man who made history with his wife as Britain’s first couple with Down Syndrome died of Covid-19 just two weeks after contracting the virus. Tommy Pilling, 62, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, lost his battle with the coronavirus on January 1, leaving behind his 49-year-old wife Maryanne, who said he was ‘completely lost’ without love. here he caught the coronavirus that caused pneumonia. Tommy passed away at 1.40 on New Year’s Day, just two weeks after the positive test on December 16. His devastated brother-in-law, 33-year-old Lindi Newman, spoke today to pay homage to the ‘unique’ Tommy. Lindi said: ‘We are all in complete and complete shock. Tommy will stay in my heart forever. I am very grateful to my 70-year-old mother, Linda Martin, who unofficially adopted her 30 years ago and separated her from our family. Maryanne and Tommy hadn’t been apart for more than a few hours all these years. Doesn’t remember the life before Tommy

He had the biggest smile on his face the day he met him, and he couldn’t help talking about him.

Absolutely devastated and in shock. He’s hysterical for a moment and then he’s good, then he cries again. It is very difficult for all of us. ‘

Unfortunately, the couple broke up for the first time since they met when Tommy was hospitalized on December 10th. In July 2018, Tommy burst into tears while talking to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby while discussing his love for his wife on ITV’s This Morning.¬† Maryanne’s mother Linda was also on the show, saying the couple’s relationship was ‘magical’ and how she was criticized for allowing her daughter to marry.

Pillings, Britain’s first married couple with Down syndrome, first met at a daytime center in Southend in 1990 and immediately joked with each other by flirting for about 18 months before proposing.

Before the couple married in front of 250 guests at St Mary’s Church in Shoeburyness in 1995, they asked with a toy ring from a vending machine. For the first seven years of their marriage, the couple lived with Maryanne’s mother, Linda, but later went out to live next door.

“It’s so cruel that he got the virus in the hospital,” Linda said. He had no choice but to go to treatment.

I will live thousands of memories I have with Tommy, from movie trips to zoo visits. He would always thank and compliment me for taking them out for a day – even if I looked horrible.

He was a true gentleman. She told Maryanne and me that she loves us every day. Marriage made him my brother-in-law, but love made him my brother. ‘

Maryanne and Tommy lived independently after tying the knot in 1995.

However, when Tommy, who also had dementia, was in the hospital, he moved to the next door with his mother for daily support.

He spent a month in three different hospitals: Basildon hospital, Southend and Thurrock community hospital.

On December 16, he was diagnosed with coronavirus. The family praised the NHS staff who breastfed Tommy.

Linda said: ‘Tommy left a huge void in our lives that no one would fill.

I saw him as my son and never regretted a single moment of the thirty years he was in my care.

It brought us a lot of love and work. I will always be grateful for the laughter and fun it brings to our lives.

I can’t thank the staff enough for their care and affection – especially in these terrible times.

They all jumped off their feet but still took the time to inform me about his condition every day. They also commented on what a beautiful person he is.

He was last in the Basildon hospital, with the macmillan nurses with him – they were also great.

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Tommy Pilling, 62, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, died from Covid, January 1