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Toktam Jorshari Wiki

Toktam Jorshari is suing both Rajon and his girlfriend Latoia Fitzgerald for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy. She’s seeking $1 million in damages. The lawsuit was filed last week but the incident in question is from July 28th in Los Angeles, Toktam Jorshari came into fame after a video of her being assaulted up by the star, Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend Latoia Fitzgerald went viral. She filed a lawsuit for nearly $1 million against Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend. The incident occurred on an apartment complex in Los Angeles on July 28th.  During the alleged incident, Rajon Rando was recovering from a hand injury but returned to the league bubble of the NBA at Disney World in Orlando to help the Lakers win the 17th league title. Toktam Jorshari is not a public personality. She is not used to being in the headlines of the news. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding her family, educational background, or what she does for a living. We will update on it as soon as we get any clues from relevant sources. So if you want to learn more about her, stick with us. The information regarding Toktam Jorshari’s height hasn’t been revealed yet. Considering her build, she may be over 5 ft 5 inches tall.

Rondo, his GF, and another woman were involved in an argument at an apartment complex in Los Angeles on July 28 … and according to a lawsuit filed last week, it was all caused by a dispute over a parking space. In court documents, Toktam Jorshari said Rondo parked next to a $ 300,000 Rolls-Royce SUV, which he claimed parked in a disabled parking lot.

Jorshari in the suit claims that the NBA star was angry at how close his driver parked to the side door, and that the Atlanta Hawks player and GF cursed him and attacked him for it. In the video of the alleged event WITHOUT sound, you can see the whole scene unfolded. Jorshari entered the park building and had a lively conversation with Rondo and his GF. At one point, Rondo’s GF got into his phone … and that’s when Jorshari approached him and shouted something. Rondo then put his elbow in the woman’s body and nudged her in the front of her car. Rondo’s GF then moved towards Jorshari, but Rondo briefly held him back. Rondo suddenly let him go … and that’s when the punches started flying.

The video shows Rondo’s GF punching a few punches at the unseen woman he never resisted.

In Jorshari’s case, he claims he was injured … and sues both Rondo and GF for assault and assault, emotional distress, and conspiracy. Claims in excess of $ 1 MILLION in unspecified damages. In a statement released this week, Jorshari’s lawyers – Eddie Tehrani and Arnold Gross of the State Law Firm – say the video proves their clients were victims of the case. In the NBA, unnecessary and excessive contact is considered a Flagrant 2 foul, which may result in fines, expulsion, and player suspension.” Said. “Outside of the NBA, such behavior is considered an attack and a blow. No man should ever put his hands on a woman, ESPECIALLY an NBA basketball player of superior height and power. The video speaks for itself.”

“The defendants have no desire to solve this problem, and we will look forward to trying this case and reaching a positive decision by a jury of colleagues,” the lawyers said. On Tuesday, we reached out to Rondo’s attorney Mark D. Baute via video … and got the following statements:

“Mr. Rondo tried to separate them and keep them apart, not pushing anybody. “I saw the videotape in July during the first Covid surge. Rajon Rondo had a broken thumb in the cast at that time and he correctly parked the car in a disabled spot while picking up his girlfriend.”

Toktam Jorshari Age ?

She may be in her late20’s or early 30’s.