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Tityana Coppage & Jason Ugwuh Wiki

  • Shot & Murder

A Kansas City woman is charged with second-degree murder after police found the man suspected of murdering her younger brother last week and murdered him.

The police later said he sent a message to his dead brother informing him that he was avenging him. 21-year-old Tityana Coppage remains in Jackson County prison for $ 200,000 in bonds.

Coppage’s 16-year-old brother, Jason Ugwuh, was shot dead on January 10, near Paloma Boulevard and Topping Street in Kansas City, MO. He was a young and outstanding basketball player at the Hogan Preparatory Academy.

Coppage and Ugwuh suffered tragedy in 2016 when their younger brothers and cousins – Jayden Ugwuh and Montell Ross – were shot and killed while sleeping in their home on 57th Street and College Boulevard. Someone shot the house and killed children aged 8 and 9. This case remains unresolved.

Investigation Reports

Police say Coppage shot his brother’s suspected killer on January 13 in a parking lot near Thompson Avenue and Benton Boulevard. The victim’s brother drove him a short distance after he was shot, before stopping in the street and asking for help. The medical teams that intervened tried to save the man, but he was already dead. He was shot in the chest and leg. Police used eyewitness accounts and surveillance video to track down the black Ford Escape used during the shooting and spoke to Coppage. Coppage admitted that he was looking for the victim before he was shot, but said that he only did so in the hope that the man and his father would resolve their disputes before they killed each other. According to a narrative written by the police with possible grounds, he admitted that he was involved in a gunfight with the victim, but described the situation in what appeared to be self-defense, saying that he shot down his vehicle before returning to fire. . Investigators examined Coppage’s cell phone and found texts that he sent a person named “Auntie”, asked for 45 caliber bullets and said, “LOL, I sued many people against my brother.” According to the declaration, he sent a text to his deceased brother saying, “He sent a [cursing] to my brother, I owe that body to them”.

Ballistic and forensic examination determined that the gun extracted from Coppage was the same as the gun used in shooting, according to the probable cause statement.