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TikToker Ayesha Akram

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Who Is Ayesha Akram ?

In a horrendous episode, Ayesha Akram was openly embarrassed pestered, and looted at Minar-e-Pakistan by around 400 men. She was shot, ceaselessly assaulted by the horde in clear sunlight and nobody attempted to protect her.

The video of Ayesha being offended, attacked, and hassled became famous online via web-based media. The tragic and disturbing aspect is it occurred upon the arrival of Pakistan’s Independence. However, how everything began?

Ayesha Akram is a well-known TikToker based in Lahore. She makes videos on tiktok and that’s how she became famous. Akram went to the Great Iqbal Park in Lahore with six of his friends on Independence Day.

She was filming with her friends and taking selfies when the terrible thing happened. The video went viral on social media, and three days later everyone was voicing safety concerns about the women.

TikToker Ayesha Akram Lahore Incident, Minaer Pakistan

As per the First Information Report (FIR) enlisted at the Lorry Adda police headquarters by Ayesha Akram, she alongside her six allies were shooting a video close to Minar-e-Pakistan when around 300 to 400 individuals assaulted them.

In the grumble, Ayesha expressed that the group was tremendous and individuals were scaling the nook and coming towards her. Men continued pushing and pulling Ayesha to the degree that they ripped off her garments. As indicated by Ayesha, a few group tryed to help her departure the horde, nonetheless, the group was ‘excessively enormous’ and they continued tossing her into the air.

Police Statement, Investigation

The FIR has been enrolled under Sections 354 A (attack or utilization of criminal power against lady and stripping her of her garments), 382 (robbery after readiness made for causing passing, hurt or limitation to perpetrate the burglary), 147 (revolting) and 149 (unlawful gathering) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

In such manner, Lahore DIG (Operations) Sajid Kiywani has requested the administrator of police (SP) to take “prompt legitimate activity” against the speculates associated with the episode.

Who is responsible, victims 

After the terrible episode, many individuals proceeded with attempt at finger pointing of blaming casualty and her exorbitant use for TikTok. Pakistan has been forbidding and reestablishing the TikTok application, a much well known in Pakistan with more than 39 million downloads since 2019 over allegations that the stage spreads ‘indecency’ and ‘vulgarity’.

A portion of the clients accepted individuals assaulted her since they thought as a TikTooker, she ought to be dealt with the same way. Some of them exhorted Ayesha ought to have not gone to public puts on the primary spot. A few group additionally remarked that individuals get what they show, same occurred with her, Ayesha engaged on TikTok, ciitzens expects something very similar in genuine and numerous residents communicated displeasure regarding the activities of the men in the video.

Many concurred and requested a public execution for such intolerable wrongdoing with the goal that young ladies could feel save to some even out. Comparative occurrences have been going on in Pakistan since last month, following the homicides of Noor Mukadam in July.