TikTok Bugs Bunny Challenge Viral, Many More Facts You Need To Know

TikTok Bugs Bunny

The new TikTok insect bunny challenge that went viral. What? How do you do this?

The term Bugs Bunny is related to a Russian song using the phrase. At the competition, people wear white socks and then bend their legs behind them to look like they have bunny ears. The challenge is carried out by lying on the stomach. They then move their feet and appear as if the rabbit ears are moving. While there is a twist on the end, it’s that simple. We’ll get to that in a minute.

According to Dexerto.com, the song used in the competition “looks like a remix of a song by Russian artists Timati and Egor Kreed called” Gucci “, which was first released in 2018.” According to the site, the TikTok contest has been slowed down. Here is the Bugs Bunny song:



♬ самый грязный заяц – DARÍ, GERDA & GRAND

A video of a young woman doing the Bugs Bunny Challenge won over 4 million likes on TikTok. The Russian song plays in slow motion in the background while lifting its feet to make it look like it has bunny ears.

“That was really cute,” a comment writer noted, while another person noted that some people accidentally made the challenge with dirty socks.

Others have stated that this user did not perform his final task, which we will explain below. Difficulty can be risky. At the end of the Bugs Bunny Challenge, some people eventually lift their backs, briefly showing their backs to the camera. You can see this version above, but the nudity is blurry. Sometimes this part of the challenge takes place while you are dressed.

HITC reported that Bugs Bonny Challenge received 11 million views.

Here are a number of people doing the Bugs Bunny Challenge on TikTok.

Here are some comments on the Bugs Bunny Challenge on Twitter. The risky aspect has attracted some fans.

Let’s see how crazy this insect rabbit fight has gotten.

“Very disappointing if you don’t share the Bugs bunny contest.”

“Bugs bunny challenge will be trending very soon


“The creator of the beetle-bunny challenge on TikTok needs an international vacation that he calls.”

“Why did Bf tell me what the” bug bunny “fight in tik tok is, this mf told me to EU IT? No sir, I need you to throw the phone first before I throw you.”

“Yeah, the food is great, but does your daughter send you the videos of her doing the bug bunny contest? I mean I don’t have mine but I don’t have a daughter … Yeah. Whatever, how’s your day going?