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A woman who sent a pig head to her ex-boyfriend’s new partner during a terrifying pursuit campaign was imprisoned. 23-year-old Tia McBean also bombarded Oralton Robinson over the phone and often ordered pizza for her home. McBean became pregnant during a brief affair with Mr. Robinson, and was convicted of assaulting her in the meantime. After their relationship ended, McBean sent abusive text messages, knocked on his door late at night, left notes, and made more than 100 phone calls a day, despite being subject to an occasional restraining order.

In a text message sent last November: “Where is your ugly monkey son? Does it hurt to know now that I have a pretty fair-skinned child with his father and your ugly monkey son? It should bother you.” Also, the restaurant run by Mr. Robinson’s partner Arkeyia Bish. targeting normal customers inadvertently sending Facebook messages claiming to have seen a man having sex in a pot. McBean ordered so many pizzas that the receipts filled double-sided four-page evidence, and Mr Robinson was a delivery driver outside his home after he returned from the police station to report the unwanted meal. Speaking to the Woolwich Crown Court, James Hasslacher said, “It was a toxic relationship that descended towards rather illogical behavior.”

She sent a pig head to Ms. Bish’s restaurant on February 25 last year. thought it was a delivery and was shocked to see what was in the package as only halal meat was served at the venue. She told the court: “I am a vegan and grew up in a house that did not eat pork. After seeing it, I vomited and was sent home at 12 o’clock that day.” McBean of New Cross, East London, violated the prohibition order, criminal damage, stalking, and evil. she admitted several charges, including intentional submission of communication.He was sentenced to 15 months in prison, and Judge Ruth Downing extended Mr Robinson’s prohibition order against him until May 31. Ms Downing stated that McBean’s violations against the prohibition order were ‘more than violent’.  said it was ‘offensive’ and ’caused a loss of peace and quiet’ to Mr Robinson and his partner.

Speaking directly to McBean, the judge said: ‘I am not completely ignoring that there is a genuine concern (from Mr Robinson and his partner) that if your calls and harassment fail to achieve what you are, the behavior may increase. turned out to achieve. ‘The issues reached a very unpleasant stage when you sent a package that when opened reveals a pig’s head inside, revealing a terrible and very unnecessary grudge. McBean’s comments about Ms. Bish’s restaurant were “extremely unpleasant,” unnecessary, hurtful, disturbing and worrying ‘. The defendant had previously been detained and will be released on license in mid-March.