Who Is Thomas Elliot Hayner? Wiki (linked to Boulder shooting), Bio, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Thomas Elliot Hayner (linked to Boulder shooting)

The 38-year-old was originally from New Jersey, but moved to Colorado’s Vail municipality. According to the news of the Denver Channel, Hayner has had trouble with the law before. According to them, Hayner was charged with 75 misdemeanor harassment in January for making threatening and obscene phone calls to the Police Department 1st District Police Station. Hayner also has a history of drug possession and violence against the police.


Police alarmed Hayner, who posted threats on Facebook. He was also linked to the conflict in Boulder, but later the allegations were falsely named Denver Police issued a criminal alert for Thomas Elliot Hayner, who was accused of “harassing various public officials and city agencies, including serious threats.” Hayner posts threats against authorities on many Facebook pages, including Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey. Several tweets linked him to the mass murder that killed 10 people in Boulder, but the false accusations later turned out to be false. Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold determined that the alleged gunman in the massacre was Ahmad Alissa of 21-year-old Arvada. Police said he was charged with 10 first-degree murders. The rumors about Hayner first started not because it superficially resembles the man detained by the police, but because the name heard on the radio was thought to be “Thomas Hangar or Hayner”. False claims on social media were not supported by any facts. Still, Hayner continues to be wanted by the police for threats against Denver officials. A Crime Stoppers prize of up to $ 2,000 is offered to anyone who provided information leading to Hayner’s arrest and indictment. Here’s everything we know about Hayner.
On August 13, 2020, he was arrested for failing to appear in court due to his harassment case. Its bond was originally set at $ 100,000 at the time, but was eventually released. He has since shifted the focus to District Attorney Morrissey. Just last week, a Facebook account on behalf of Tommy Hayner repeatedly wrote “I want to kill Mitch Morrissey” on Denver7’s Facebook page and said, “Tell the Denver District Attorney what this looks like a real threat.” In another Denver7 story, an account called Tom Hayner commented, “I’m going to hit Mitch Morrissey ‘accidentally.'” Comments have been removed and are no longer visible on Facebook. Hayner’s Facebook profiles also appear to have been removed and are no longer listed on the platform. Police described Hayner as “a white male born May 5, 1983; 5’7” tall and 200 kilograms “. He is now unclear where he is, so the police are seeking help from the public. Escape in a white 1990 Ford van with the Colorado license plate 281WQX. Not much else is known about Hayner. Hayner was associated with the shooting by several unverified Twitter accounts that were soon named falsely. When several tweets claimed they heard a specific “Thomas Hangar or Hayner” on the radio. ” ‘I hear, “read one tweet and another said,” The main reason many believe it is Thomas Elliot Hayner AKA Tommy Hayner is a Boulder hitman, he was diagnosed on the police radio. ”

Speaking of the background of his crimes, a user tweeted, “So the Boulder hitman has a history. They will turn it to be political tomorrow (although records show that he never voted and has no connection). Reasons like Chris Rock once joked about the hitman, What happened to the sheer madness?