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The Justice Department said a Virginia man with an apparent leadership role in the far-right militia group known as the “Oath Guards” was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly “planning and coordinating” the violation of the US Capitol. Thomas Edward Caldwell of Clarke County, Virginia, is one of the few members of the Oath Guard, who was cited in a criminal complaint by supporters of President Donald Trump as participating in the Capitol riots.

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He Is 65 Year Old

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He is charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, preventing a formal government trial, illegal entry and irregular behavior.

Among the other members of the Oath Guards accused, “C.O.” 38-year-old Jessica Watkins from Champaign County, Ohio, referred to as. (Commander) of the Ohio State Regular Militia ”as well as Donovan Ray Crowl of Ohio.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, describes the Oath Guards as “one of the largest anti-government radical groups in the United States who believes in baseless conspiracy theories about the federal government trying to destroy Americans’ freedom.”

In a criminal complaint, investigators found that Caldwell was using Facebook to communicate with other members of the Oath Guards, and Washington, D.C. He said he helped arrange the hotel for their stay in the area.

Then, by sharing photos without the siege, “We attack the castle. Please share … I am such an instigator! ”

Caldwell then called on members to attack the state capitals. He wrote, “Let’s throw the capital city in Ohio! Tell me when!”

The FBI is scanning more than 140,000 videos and photos to find suspects involved in the attack on the US Capitol, where President Trump supporters broke into the building, searched offices and documented most of the attack on social media.

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According to a criminal complaint first received by The Washington Post, prosecutors claim that Caldwell helped organize a group of at least eight people who were seen “aggressively approaching an entrance to the Capitol Building.” The group was seen wearing military-style gear and helmets as they “moved in an organized and practical manner and were forced into the location of the crowd gathering around a door of the US Capitol.” The conspiracy charge against Caldwell is a first in a large-scale investigation, while hundreds of rebels have been arrested for their roles in the uprising. The accusation, set aside for obstructing the functioning of the government, implies that federal officials began to pursue coordination efforts in the days before the riots.

Prosecutors alleged that Caldwell began conspiring with other Oath Guards at least five days before the uprising, and cited a January 1 message on Facebook where he admitted that he was seeking housing for several people at the Comfort Inn in Ballston, Virginia.

The hotel, located eight miles from the Capitol, “would allow us to hunt at night if we wanted to,” Caldwell said, according to a Facebook testimony to Jessica Watkins, member of the Oath.

I don’t know if Stewie even made the call to arms, but it’s getting a little late. This is something we do on our own. We’ll be contacting the North Carolina crew, ”Caldwell continues in his January 1st article, apparently referring to Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers.

Watkins, a 38-year-old veteran soldier of the Ohio State Regular Militia, was arrested Sunday in connection with the riots. Authorities allege that Watkins violated the Capitol with other members of the Ohio State Regular Militia, the far-right group that he founded in 2019. Donovan Crowl, 50, a former sailor and another member of the Ohio military group, was arrested along with Watkins.

The Watkins militia is a subset of the Guardians of the Oath, which FBI agents describe as “a large but loosely organized community of militias who believe the federal government has been corrupted by a dark conspiracy trying to deprive American citizens of their rights Hours later.” The riots, the testimony states that Caldwell posted a video on Facebook that appeared to be taken from inside the Capitol. We are attacking the castle. Please share. Sharon was right to me! I am a complete instigator! He was ready for this man! He didn’t care about the tear gas, ”she wrote on the video.

“The proud boys grappled with the cops and drove them in to hide. He broke the doors. One man went to the floor of the house, another went to Pelosi’s office. “Good time, according to his testimony,” Caldwell said. Less than a minute later, Caldwell added: “We have to do this at the local level. Let’s throw [sic] the capital city in Ohio. Tell me when! ”

Caldwell is one of the few rebels charged by the federals on Tuesday. Hundreds of people have been arrested since January 6, including Dominic “Spazzo” Pezzola, a Texas real estate agent who flew into the country’s capital on a private jet, and Proud Boys’ member Dominic “Spazzo” Pezzola, who allegedly broke the window with a police shield in the Capitol. .