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A child found dead in a Texas motel room is believed to be a child reported missing in Houston, and a suspect has been arrested in connection with the incident, police said on Wednesday.

Authorities were looking for Samuel Olson, who was reported missing on 27 May. On Tuesday night, police recovered the body of a boy from a motel room in Jasper, about 135 miles (215 kilometers) northeast of Houston.
Samuel Olson’s father’s girlfriend, Theresa Balboa, was charged with falsifying evidence after a body believed to be that of a missing 5-year-old boy was found in a motel room in Jasper, Texas.

According to court records obtained Wednesday by ABC13, Balboa fabricated a story about having to give Sam to his birth mother before leaving town.

Theresa Balboa Girlfriend Of Missing Boy’s Dad Charged After Child’s Body Found Investigation

According to court records obtained by A on Wednesday, Balboa fabricated a story about having to give Sam to his birth mother before leaving town. “I was going to take Sam to school and they asked me to release Sam when his mother came with the police officer, or whoever I had the impression was a police officer,” Balboa said on Monday.

At the time, Balboa said that She handed the young boy over to the mother as his parents were in a custody battle. However, HPD Deputy Head of Criminal Investigations Command, Heather Morris, said they were provided with evidence during the investigation that Samuel’s mother was at her home on the morning of May 27.

In fact, Samuel may have disappeared weeks ago.

On Monday, Balboa said She last saw Sam last Thursday morning at his grandmother’s house on the 8800 block of McAvoy Drive southwest of Houston. Balboa was later seen searching for the boy in the Webster area.

New details from court records by the eyewitness, after joining the search, traveled to Cleveland, Texas to meet with a boyfriend.

According to the documents, the two later returned to Webster in a storage unit where they bought a black and yellow plastic container with a foul smell. The boyfriend then drove Balboa to a Best Western motel about two hours northeast of Houston, unloaded the truck and left him there.

According to the records, he called the police the next day to report Balboa’s location. The tip led the police to find the body on Tuesday night. When officers arrived, they found the container that crime scene investigators later took pictures of.

Inside, a police officer found the body of a child wrapped in black plastic bags and secured with duct tape.

Video captured during the night shows investigators entering and leaving Jasper’s motel room wearing protective gear.
Morris said Jasper police contacted Balboa at the motel and eventually found the body of a young boy. Balboa was detained and is currently in Jasper County Jail.
On Wednesday evening, the lawyer representing Sam’s biological mother, Sarah Olson, issued a statement to the media saying he was “completely heartbroken” and believes Sam’s father, Dalton Olson, and Balboa are “100%” responsible.

“If Samuel is dead… [and] this is his child, She thinks, after identification, that both Dalton and Theresa are 100% of the blame,” attorney Marco Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said Sarah hasn’t seen Sam’s body yet. The mother doesn’t talk to the media and just wants to talk to her family and lawyer.
Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said Tuesday night that the body’s discovery confirmed the worst fears for the young boy.

“I ask the entire Houston community to join HPD to send prayers for Samuel and his family,” Finner said.

Although HPD believes the body is Samuel’s, police added that forensic experts will determine if the body is really the missing child

HPD officials also confirmed that, prior to Tuesday’s discovery, Balboa was released on bail from assault with the intent to breathe for a November 2020 lawsuit in which the complainant was Samuel’s father. Balboa reported Samuel missing on May 27.
Officials said Balboa had spoken to investigators repeatedly. After finding inconsistencies in Balboa’s statements, missing persons investigators consulted homicide.

On Monday, a search warrant was issued for a residence on the 15000 block of the Gulf Freeway, where Balboa lives. In addition to collecting evidence, a 2012 Dodge Avenger was pulled from the location to be searched and analyzed.

This is the vehicle that Balboa mainly uses, Morris said. A cause is currently unclear. However, police said they could not say whether the body belonged to Samuel or how long he had been dead.

Authorities are now working to extradite Balboa to Harris County.

Morris added that the case will be submitted to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to determine whether there will be further charges.

The investigation into Samuel’s disappearance took a troubling turn when it emerged that Cy Fair ISD had not been seen at Holbrook Elementary School since April 30, a few weeks before he was reported missing.

Regarding custody issues between the child’s parents, Child Protective Services added that they were not involved in the case and were not working with the family when Samuel disappeared.