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Arkansas police found the body of 25-year-old Sydney Sutherland two days after he disappeared during a march last August. An Arkansas farmer was accused of kidnapping, raping, and killing a runner while continuing his routine “tried to forget” After burying the woman’s body in a field, he told a psychologist It was alleged that he said he was measuring his suitability for the hearing.

Dr. According to Lacey Willett’s court-ordered assessment, 28-year-old suspect Quake Lewellyn from Jonesboro did not dramatically deny 25-year-old Sydney Sutherland in her van on a rural road on August 19, 2020. Lewellyn allegedly said that Sutherland believed the impact was dead. His body was found two days later.

According to the report obtained by the Jonesboro Sun, Lewellyn told the psychologist, “I knew I didn’t kill him deliberately.”

But Lewellyn also said: “At this point I was scared and scared that I would be in trouble for crushing him.”

Lewellyn allegedly checked the wells and rice fields at the time and loaded Sutherland’s body on the bed of his truck before heading to the rice field where he dug a hole because “I was right there and it was where I was going. Authorities previously said that Lewellyn had shot Sutherland with his truck. He then claimed with probable grounds that he had loaded him into his vehicle and took him to a distant place where he raped him on the tailgate of his van and then buried him.

Later, the suspect claimed that, according to Willett’s report, he returned to work, had lunch, and checked the wells. “He just tried to forget,” she said, and the next day she said “went to work as normal.”

Sutherland reportedly disappeared after he could not return to the house he shared with a boyfriend from his walk. A major search effort prompted the police to find his cell phone. Authorities were able to place the suspect near the body, using information from Lewellyn’s own mobile phone, according to a possible sworn statement.

While the search was under way and hoping to avoid being suspicious, Willett went to the police and said he might be the last person to see Sutherland alive. He also joined a Facebook group dedicated to finding him and claimed to be a member of the search team. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette previously reported that Lewellyn and Sutherland were familiar with each other, citing Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas. Sutherland and Lewellyn, a registered nurse, went to Tuckerman High School, but there were a few years between them, according to the newspaper.

Lewellyn was detained by the authorities a few hours after Sutherland’s remains were discovered, not far from his home in Jackson County.

She is being held free of charge in Randolph County prison on charges of fatal murder, rape, kidnapping, and abuse of a body. KATV reported that he claimed not to be guilty.

The mental health assessment was requested by his attorney Bill James, who wrote that “a” mental illness or defect “had” reason to believe “that” Lewellyn’s ability to understand the case against him “and wrote” talent “. it may be possible to help his defense.

Willett concluded that Lewellyn was mentally fit to go to court, according to the Jonesboro Sun.

If He is found guilty of the charges against him, he faces the death penalty. The court date has not been decided.