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Swavy Wiki – Swavy Biography

Swavy TikTok has passed away.” That was the news that spread like wildfire on the internet. TikTok user BabyFace.S AKA Swavy has died, according to a video and post by Damaury Mikula, an influencer on social media. You can watch the video below, where Mikula, with tears in her eyes, says that Swavy is dead.

Although that wasn’t his real name, he was known on social media as Swavy; The social media phenomenon and TikTok star had more than 2.3 million followers on the second platform she used BabyFace.S. His latest video has over 3 million views. As news of his death exploded on Twitter, some said they were crying because they found the news so sad. “Rip Swavy, I don’t even know you, I know you change people’s lives with smiles,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Swavy Death Cause & More Facts ?

What was Swavy’s reason for death? How did BabyFace.S pass on? Also, is it valid? On YouTube, where he passes by Kid Maury, an upset Mikula said, “Rest up sibling. I simply need to stop for a minute occurred and everything, you probably won’t know. My homeboy named Swavy kicked the bucket… I’m not going to tell his genuine name on here… yet better believe it man… he had chance, and I simply need to tell you all that I’m going to take over for that n****. Everything he did was make vids… he’s genuine as hellfire. Genuine, genuine. When we seen each other brother, we was secured straight like that… he keeps everything genuine. To see him get taken out, very much like, it has neither rhyme nor reason. It has neither rhyme nor reason.”

Mikula and Swavy have showed up in recordings together.

Mikula began crying in the video, which has been seen a huge number of times. “I in a real sense just messaged him… in a real sense just before it occurred. They said it happened Monday. I love you n****. I know you’re up there peering down. I realize I look inept at this moment, yet I couldn’t care less.”

The site Inside Eko announced that Swavy, whose genuine name was Matima Miller, and who lived in Wilmington, Delaware, “was killed in a shooting that happened Monday close to the 700 square of Elbert Place.” Authorities have not yet affirmed this data or his demise.


Swavy’s keep going video on TikTok went ahead Sunday, July 4, 2021. The remark string is loaded up with individuals trusting the information on his demise isn’t correct. “1-10😅 in the event that you like them which one would you say Is #1 for you?… #Fyp,” the subtitle says.

, police trying to get affirmation on whether Matima Miller AKA Swavy was the casualty in that shooting and will refresh this story when it is gotten. Heavy.com has additionally connected with the clinical analyst’s office in Wilmington and to a relative of Swavy trying to affirm the news. The clinical analyst’s representative, Heather Pepper, composed back just, “You should contact Wilmington PD since this is their examination.” Police have not yet reacted. Another fan composed under Mikula’s YouTube video, “I’m not used to remarking on things like that however Swavy was a great individual despite the fact that we saw him through our telephones. He brought great energies, he was not a risky and he was consistently happy. I cherished him so much and I’m miserable to the point that he died. He will everlastingly be recollected. We’ll always remember you and we’ll generally be your allies. We send you our supplications yet additionally to your family. We luv u forever.❤️❤️❤️”

This is what you need to know:

Swavy’s Friend Also Wrote, ‘Long Live Swavy’

Instagram client and web-based media influencer Damaury Mikula additionally affirmed the demise in a post on July 5, 2021, expressing, “This sh** so incredible 😢 I love you n**** I swear imma go so hard with this web-based media shii for you I’m always failing to ease up I realize you resting in paradise fam 🖤 you was one of the realest n***** I went over from the leap, love you brother 🖤‼️ LONG LIVE SWAVY 🕊🖤.”

Individuals via online media claimed that this was the shooting that ended Swavy’s life:

Of that shooting, Wilmington Police said uniquely in an official statement, “Wilmington Police are researching a lethal shooting episode that happened at around 10:42 a.m. in the 700 square of Elbert Place. Police found a 19-year-old male gunfire casualty, who was shipped to the clinic where he surrendered to his wounds. This episode stays being scrutinized and further subtleties will be delivered whenever the situation allows. Anybody with data about this episode is urged to contact Detective Mackenzie Kirlin at (302) 576-3653.”

Delaware Online revealed that the casualty was shot in the Southbridge area and passed on at the clinic.

Individuals Offered Tributes to Swavy on Social Media

Individuals offered accolades in the remark string under Mikula’s post. Here are some of them:

“You can be here one day and gone the following.”

“Dats insane bra. I was simply watching you all vids together🙏🏾.”

“Spread his name out 🙌🏽‼️ LONG LIVE SWAVY 🖤🕊”

“find happiness in the hereafter, soar.” “kindly say this is a joke.”

A fan composed on Twitter, “Yo this sh** insane I was simply watching Swavy on TikTok last evening and he was gone earlier today tht’s truly dismal for the ppl tht need him.”

A lady composed on Facebook, “For what reason does weapons exists 🥺🥺. MY FAVORITE TIKTOKER IS GONEEE 💔 I didn’t wanna trust it buhh seeing everything over the web sucks 😔 ik I don’t know him actually however he was an extraordinary individual to his backings and companions and an incredible impact to all , a particularly cheerful enthusiastic person😔. In any case, god called him home today R.I.P SWAVY 💔🙏🏾🙏🏾 going to miss watchin his recordings 🥺