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One of the quieter contestants of the season, Sunday was admired by most of the players and established relationships with members of his original tribe and members of the opposing tribe. After Will disagreed with his alliance, each of the remaining alliance members, including the 35th Day Sunday, were voted.


Name: Sunday Burquest
Age 45
Current residence: Otsego, MN
Profession: Youth pastor
Tribe designation: Takali (Gen-X)
Three words to describe you: competent, compassionate and determined.
Hobbies: Reusing and painting furniture, interior design and thrift shopping because I love the thrill of hunting for a good deal.
Pet peeves: Arrogant people and those who think they are God’s gift to the human race. Catwomen who make sarcastic comments, reverse compliments and make the other girls in the room feel out of proportion. Plus, people who are late drive me crazy.
What does it mean to be a Gen-Xer? For me, being Gen-Xer means being determined and hardworking. We don’t expect anything to be delivered to us; We set goals and work hard for what we want in life. Also, we don’t think we deserve to win in every situation, and we actually see failure as an opportunity to learn. On the other hand, Gen-Xers can get stuck in our paths and be wary of new ideas. It will be of great help if we learn to listen to the younger generation and use some of their new ideas.
Personal reputation claim: Besides my four wonderful kids, I am proud to be the most breast cancer survivor. After five surgeries, eight sessions of chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation – not to mention the horrible medicine they put on you – I’m still here! It was important to me that my children saw me as a “warrior” rather than a whining. Of course it was difficult, but I wouldn’t let cancer take over my life. I managed to kick cancer’s ass out of my faith!
Inspiration in life: My inspiration comes from my relationship with God. My faith shaped my attitude in life and gave me the ability to be truly happy. Outside of my belief, my mother is my hero. She is the toughest lady she. I take my perseverance and “never give up” attitude from him. I watched him succeed despite his hard upbringing, taking care of me and my brothers during puberty, and enduring a bone marrow transplant. Regardless, She keeps getting up and moving again!
If you had three things on the island, what would they be and why? A deck of cards because I like to play games and it helps to tear down walls with people you don’t know; lip gloss because I always feel a little bit better when I have some color on my lips; and 80’s music because I love singing with my friends and it’s always fun no matter how bad you are.
Survivor contestant favorite: I play the game most like Lisa Whelchel (Philippines). I see myself in it a lot. Not only did he go through tough times, her faith remained intact. We are both mothers and I see that I “mother” some of the young actors like him. I find that I try my best to play the game according to my belief, but I make sure I am actually playing the game. I know it will come to a point where I have to cheat in order to move forward; I plan to do this in the context of the game.
The reason for being in Survivor: My primary motivation is of course $ 1 million! Second, I want to prove to myself that I can do this. As a fan of the show since the first season, I’ve spent hours dreaming of being on the island, forming alliances, finding Secret Immunity Idols, and most importantly, walking away with the title of Sole Survivor!
Why do you think you’ll “survive” in Survivor? I believe my strong personality will keep me going on the island. I know that I am good with people, especially young people because I work to get along with them and this will help me gain allies in my tribe. My leadership skills will be useful in getting things done in the camp

Sunday Burquest dead at 50 of cancer

Sunday Burquest, the inspiring youth priest contestant at the 2016 “Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen X” contest, died on Sunday after his battle with esophageal and ovarian cancer, her second cancer war in a decade. She was 50 years old.

Her daughter, Kennedy Burquest, paid tribute to my “incredibly beautiful mother” on Instagram on Sunday.

“Thank you for fighting as hard as you do. Thank you for being together with best friends, role models, sister and mother. Thank you for raising me to love and show Jesus. It is love to others,” Kennedy wrote. “I love you to heaven and I come back a million times. I know that we will meet again one day. Until then, I’ll spend every minute missing you and trying to make you proud. Relax mom.” “Survivor” host Jeff Probst paid homage to Sunday on Instagram and wrote that he had one of the brightest smiles ever to play “Survivor”. She radiated kindness and understanding to all who were lucky enough to be in his presence. ”

“ seemed to understand better than most that life is for living, so say yes to life whenever possible.
Burquest wrote about the fight against cancer in 2018’s “Grit Girl: Power to Survive” and gave motivational speeches about infuriating, largely based on his Christian belief. Burquest was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2012, had five surgeries, eight chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation, Burquest wrote in his “Survival” profile.

“I’m still here! It was important to me that my children saw me as a warrior rather than a whining,” he wrote. “Of course it was hard, but I wouldn’t let cancer take over my life. Thanks to my faith I was able to kick cancer in the ass!”