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Steven Jenkins Wiki

Steven Jenkins has been identified as the man accused of attacking two elderly Asian people within minutes of being in San Francisco. The attacks occurred at around 10:00 a.m. on March 17, near the United Nations Plaza.

Steven Jenkins Accused, Jailed Investigation

Jenkins faces charges of two assaults and the abuse of two elderly people, which could result in major bodily injury, according to a newsletter Heavy received by email from the San Francisco Police Department. He was enrolled in the San Francisco County Prison. enkins, Attacks and Taken to Prison Hours After the Bonds Set as $ 50,000

The San Francisco Police Department was hospitalized after law enforcement responded to the scene because of “an unrelated, prior medical condition.” He was released from the hospital a few hours later and slipped into the San Francisco County Prison.

Prisoner records show that Jenkins was officially detained at 4:31 pm. On March 17, the bond was set at $ 50,000. The online prisoner registration, as of this writing, did not list an attorney who could speak on Jenkins’ behalf. A court date has not been set yet.

The police department did not make the criminal photo of Jenkins public. In mid-2020, the ministry made a policy change to require criminal photos to be made public, but when it did, it would help police find a suspect who is not yet in custody. Police Escape Security Guard After Attacking An Old Asian Man, Said

A police spokesperson confirmed with Heavy via e-mail.

Police say the suspect, now named Jenkins, “was involved in a physical dispute in the U.N. Plaza about 30 minutes before the incident.” The police said that Jenkins later “approached the male victim and attacked him”.

Jenkins escaped from the scene on foot. Police said a local security guard had been notified of the situation and was running after Jenkins. As Jenkins fled, police said he attacked an old woman who was waiting to cross the crossroads at the intersection of Market Street and Charles J. Brenham Place.

Referring to the police, KTVU-TV reported that the security guard detained Jenkins after the attacks until the police were caught. However, according to witnesses on the scene, Jenkins was also arrested by the second victim.

Second Victim Encounters a Wooden Shovel and Sent Attacker to Hospital

Xiao Zhen Xi was leaning on a lamppost waiting for a traffic light to change when She said he was suddenly attacked. She told the CBS station KPIX-TV that he did not recognize the man and apparently punched him anywhere. He said there was no provocation.

But Xie responded. Xie, whose adult daughter was acting as an interpreter, told the TV station that she took a stick and hit the man with it. Witnesses said that KPIX-TV Xie “punched” the suspect after hitting him. Based on a video taken from the scene, Xie had what looked like a wooden or shovel.

Dennis O’Donnell, KPIX Sports Director, was among the subsequent witnesses. He captured images of Xie while holding an ice pack in his face and waved the board with one hand. According to KPIX-TV, he was very upset when  announced to the crowd that the man had hit him and called him a bully and a vagabond. O’Donnell said, “From what I saw, he wanted more than the man on the stretcher, and the police were holding him back.”

In O’Donnell’s video, paramedics showed the suspect lying on a stretcher as they prepared to take him to the hospital. His face was bloody and he was holding his left arm at a strange angle. His right hand was cuffed to the stretcher. Police told Heavy by e-mail that the suspect was hospitalized for “an unrelated, prior medical condition”.

Xie’s family told KPIX-TV that he was being treated at a local hospital. His two black eyes, one of which continued to bleed, suffered. Her daughter described Xie as “dizzy, terrified, traumatized and very hurt” after the attack. A GoFundMe campaign launched by Xie’s grandson to help pay for medical expenses raised over $ 300,000 in less than a day.

Police Say Both Attacks Had No Cause and They Are Investigating Whether Racial Prejudice Was a Factor

Xie said the attack on KPIX-TV came out of nowhere. According to the San Francisco Police Department, investigators believe the attack on the 83-year-old man, as well as the attack on him, was not provoked.

As of this writing, the police had not yet determined whether Jenkins could potentially face hate crime charges. In the announcement of Jenkins’ arrest, the police noted that “the investigators were working to determine whether racist prejudice was a motivating factor in the incident.”

Heavy spoke with the department’s public information officer to ask about a possible cause. We also asked if Jenkins was arrested by the San Francisco Police Department in the past; This post will be updated when we hear from us.

According to the National Report, Verbal and Physical Attacks Against Persons of Asian Origin Increased in the Last Year and the Majority of the Victims were Women

According to Stop AAPI Hate, violence against those of Asian descent has increased since the coronavirus outbreak began in March 2020. The group was formed to monitor and respond to “incidents of hatred, violence, harassment, discrimination, contempt and child bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States”.

According to a national report published earlier in March, Stop AAPI Hate received approximately 3,800 “hate cases” reports between 19 March 2020 and 28 February 2021. More than 1,600 of these cases occurred in California.

The majority of reported incidents involved verbal abuse. About 11% of the reports involved physical assault. The other 7% were related to cases where the victims coughed or spat.

Stop AAPI Hate also revealed that 68% of the victims were women. The group also cited a survey published by the Pew Research Center in July 2020, which found that “three in ten Asian adults (31%) have been subjected to insults or jokes because of their race or ethnicity since the coronavirus epidemic”. started.

In the hours after the attacks on two elderly Asian victims, the San Franciso Police Service announced it would increase patrols mainly in Asian neighborhoods to combat “the alarming increase in anti-Asian brash violence in recent weeks.”