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The parents were arrested for murder 29 years ago following the disappearance of their son.
Police say Steven Clark left home almost thirty years ago at the age of 23 without a wallet, glasses, or any cash, and an elderly couple who was arrested on suspicion of killing their son has been missing since they were released without charge. Charles and Doris Clark were arrested in September in connection with their death, almost 28 years after their son Steven disappeared.

The 23-year-old mother mysteriously disappeared on December 28, 1992 after she entered a public toilet in North Yorks Saltburn while her mother was at the ladies nearby.

82-year-old Doris returned home after her son was waiting outside and couldn’t go out.

Her husband Charles had attended a Middlesbrough match just as his son mysteriously disappeared.

Doris reports that Steven has disappeared. He and 78-year-old Charles would pay bail on December 13 last year, before both were released under investigation. Shortly after their arrest, Doris told Mirror: “This has been a huge distress. We don’t know what happened to Steven.

“When somebody goes missing, that’s the problem, you have no idea. It’s the same now as it was then. We lived unknowingly for 28 years.”

“Two people arrested on suspicion of the Steven Clark murder have now been released from investigation without charge,” Cleveland Police said on Tuesday.

“The investigation into Steven’s disappearance is still ongoing, and detectives continue to appeal to the public for information to help the case.”

Detective Chief Inspector Shaun Page, who led the investigation, said how the cold case investigation team has followed ‘a significant number of lines of investigation’ since the murder investigation began last year, and has monitored the review of the original case. We continue to investigate Steven’s disappearance and people can continue to contact us for information.

“There is no evidence of life, and we believe Steven was seriously harmed, and the case continues to be classified as suspected murder.”

Clarks always denied any crime and said how they were trying to help solve the mystery of their son’s disappearance.

The couple, both former police officers, agreed to appear in an ITV documentary about the case, and Doris was filmed near the place where she last saw her son. Charles said at the time: “We have no evidence that Steven died. I think he is alive – so let’s call him. He went for a walk on the beach and was seen often after two or three days. Two or three days later (at that time) Redcar, according to police statements. He lived in. ”

He said he ‘never had a fight’ with Steven and he doesn’t know why he disappeared. “I don’t know why you disappeared.

This is very unusual. We are in the hands of the police, “he said.

When asked if it was unusual to shoot a TV documentary while under investigation, he said, “We didn’t get legal advice.
I’m looking for Steven.

“He’s missing. They’re making a TV documentary to find him, and I don’t know more than that.”

Clarks still live at his home on Marske-by-the-Sea, three miles from Saltburn, the house they shared with their sons at the time of his disappearance.

A mysterious letter writer calling Steven’s ‘murderer’ in a 1999 message to the police came out after Mirror published quotes for the first time last year.