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* Wisconsin pharmacist accused of spoiling Covid-19 vaccine has license suspended

On Wednesday, a state council suspended the license of a Wisconsin pharmacist accused of ruining more than 500 Covid-19 vaccines because it considered it unsafe.

Steven Brandenburg was working at Advocate Aurora Health in Grafton, about 20 miles north of Milwaukee, and was arrested last month following an investigation into 57 spoiled bottles of the Moderna vaccine. He was not charged with a crime. A situation conference on the incident will be held on Tuesday.

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Review Board said, by order, Brandenburg cannot operate the pharmacy as long as the suspension is in place. He said Brandenburg accepted the action “to focus” on possible charges against him.

Brandenburg’s lawyer, Jason Baltz, did not immediately respond to a phone message left by The Associated Press on Wednesday evening.

Attorney Aurora Health Services Chief Medical Group Officer Jeff Bahr said Brandenburg had admitted to deliberately removing the vials from the refrigerator at the Grafton medical center.

One detective wrote in a possible explanation of why, 46-year-old Brandenburg was an accepted conspiracy theorist and told researchers that he was deliberately trying to ruin the vaccine as it could harm people by altering their DNA.

Misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines has increased online with false claims circulating about the ingredients and possible side effects of the vaccines.

One of the earliest false claims suggested that vaccines could alter DNA. Alongside the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, the Moderna vaccine is based on messenger RNA or mRNA, a fairly new technology used in vaccines that experts have been working on for years.

MRNA vaccines help train the immune system to identify the barbed protein on the coronavirus surface and generate an immune response. Experts said the claims that vaccines could genetically alter people are untrue.