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Steven Brandenburg (Charged) Wiki

Steven Brandenburg, pharmacist Grafton, Wisconsin, accused of falsifying COVID-19 vaccine doses according to prison records.

The Ozaukee County Prison, located in a suburban area near Milwaukee, Brandenburg, Wisconsin, was reserved on charges of potential criminal damage to property and second-degree careless compromise security. He is described as a 46-year-old white male in prison records. The bail amount is not listed. The detention date is given as December 31, 2020.

Police Investigation & Biography

Police described a bizarre scenario in which the pharmacist was accused of tampering with vaccines to render them useless before they were given to people.

“Grafton detectives show that the individual knows that impaired vaccines won’t work and that those who get the vaccine actually think they were vaccinated against the virus,” said a police press release.

The Grafton, Wisconsin, police department wrote in a news release on December 31 that they had arrested a pharmacist who “deliberately destroyed multiple vials of COVID-19 vaccines at Advocate Aurora Health Hospital in Grafton.”

The release said Grafton police detectives noted that 57 doses of vaccine were distributed to patients, but that according to health officials at Aurora, there were no health problems with the disrupted doses. The doses are “useless” effectively.

Spoiled doses are estimated to be worth between $ 8,000 and $ 11,000.

Police arrested the employee for first-degree recklessness (Class F crime), violating a prescription drug (Class H crime), and forensic damage to property (first-class crime). However, all these charges are not listed in the prison records.

Aurora Health says it handles over 23,000 frontline “team members”. The company’s president said at a virtual press conference that there is no evidence that the currently administered vaccines make patients unsafe.
WISN-TV reported that its reporters tried to talk to Brandenburg’s “estranged wife” but did not want to comment.

“(I watched them) he took him in handcuffs. “Darlene Scow, who lives on her street, was at the back of the team to WISN.” “My reaction, I hope it will sit for a long time, because there are people who need these vaccinations and what if they get the virus now? It’s terrible if someone did it on purpose, on purpose.”

Wisconsin court records show that the pharmacist’s wife filed a petition for divorce filed in June. According to records, small children are involved in the divorce. According to the records, the parties are “requesting to circumvent the mediation and appoint a GAL”, referring to Guardian Ad Litem, a lawyer representing the children who were later appointed. In November, court records show that Brandenburg’s lawyer was an urgent request challenged by the attorney of Brandenburg’s unseen husband. “The court made the decision to suspend settlement due to COVID,” the records say, although they do not provide further explanation.

In 2004, Brandenburg filed a petition in the previous divorce case.

As of December 29, the latest statistics available, the State of Wisconsin had allocated 265,575 COVID-19 vaccines from the federal government. According to state statistics, 156,875 of these were dispatched and 47,157 were administered. The number of vaccinations administered during the week of Christmas has decreased.

Wisconsin saw a massive increase in COVID-19 cases with more than 480,000 confirmed cases. More than 2.8 million people were tested. Ninety-three percent of the people have recovered and there are more than 28,000 active cases.

According to state statistics, 1% or 4,859 of people died. More than 21,000 people were hospitalized. This is 4.4% of the total.

The release says a former employee of Advocate Aurora Health Hospital in Grafton was arrested on the afternoon of December 31st for “tampering and destroying 57 bottles containing about 570 doses of the new Coronavirus vaccine”.Grafton police were summoned to Advocate Aurora Health Hospital in Grafton on December 30, after a former pharmacy employee deliberately removed the vaccines from the cold store and left them out overnight to create about 570 doses of vaccine “useless,” according to health experts. He began the investigation to determine why and what charges, if any, could be used.As of January 21, 2021, no criminal complaint had been filed. Aurora’s president says this is “a situation involving a bad actor, not a bad process.

Steven R. Brandenburg is a licensed pharmacist, according to the Wisconsin Department of Security and Professional Services records. Location provided in Saukville, Wisconsin and credentials are current. It was awarded on August 22, 1997 and is listed as good until May 31, 2022. It meets all requirements and is listed as no orders according to its license.

According to police, the investigation revealed that a former pharmacist, a Grafton resident, “took the bottles out of the refrigerated warehouse knowing they could not be used. Aurora’s preliminary investigation into the incident, which first appeared in the news on Saturday 26 December 2020, determined the incident to be accidental.However, after receiving additional information, Aurora Health’s public safety sector “began to take a deeper dive into the event and discovered the bottles had been deliberately removed by the pharmacist. Police told Aurora Health Public Safety Authorities that the vaccine would be ineffective if not stored properly. admitted that he deliberately removed the vaccine because he knew it.

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