Steve Pirolli and his son Stephen Jr Wiki

The California community comes together to help the Pirolli family after Steve Pirolli and his 13-year-old son die in a car accident while leaving the boy’s baseball training at Poway High School.

A GoFundMe account to help the family raise over $ 86,000. Poway is located in San Diego County.

Steve (father) and Stephen Jr. Pirolli (son) died in a tragic car accident on Friday night (2/12/21) while leaving Stephen’s baseball training at Poway High, ”it is said. Steve Pirolli was 54 years old and an IT salesman.

“It was incredibly close,” Steve’s brother, Tom Pirolli, told NBC San Diego. They went everywhere together, they did everything together. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the accident occurred when Pirolli’s Toyota sedan was shot down by Mercedes, who was driven by a 19-year-old boy as he exited the Pyrolli high school parking lot after his son’s baseball training. They were turning left on Espola Road when they hit the Mercedes sedans. The Mercedes driver suffered no life-threatening injuries.

The newspaper reported that the father was a former college baseball player for Southwestern College and Pacific University at Stockton. According to the Union-Tribune, the boy wanted a career in baseball and was in the eighth grade at Rancho Bernardo Heights Secondary School.

The boy’s mother shared the video above on her Facebook page and wrote: “Here’s a video where Stephen gave a sales pitch at a match last year. He really enjoyed shooting and recently loved playing in stage 2.” My son is his favorite for those of you who know Stepen. Bryce Harper from baseball player Phillies. All she would do is talk about Bryce and she even had the same haircut as her. Stephen packed his stuff and he even has his jersey. My son was also featured in the MLB18 video game as the shooter who threw him to Bryce Harper in the game. So let someone from the Phillies know about Bryce Harper tell him that he is Stephen’s # 1 fan! “Father Steve was an incredible dad, a loyal father, and a loving husband. His passion was to watch his son play baseball,” he says.

“They were both kind and loved by their families, teammates and communities,” she says on the page. His loss is terrible and devastating for his friends and family. It was too early for them to leave us. Lorie (Steve’s wife and Stephen’s mother) is now left with grief and the harsh conditions of paying unexpected funeral wages and medical bills. There are no words to comfort him right now, but our hope is to help at a fraction of the costs while passing his grief. Please help and donate to this Go Fund Me. ”

The family includes mother Lorie Pirolli and the boy’s half-sister Jazmin.

People paid tribute to Pirollis on the GoFundMe page. Some of those.

We are very sorry for your loss. Steve was my son’s RBLL coach and we have always appreciated his encouragement, kindness, and love of baseball. ”

Steve was a great man and will be greatly missed.

Steve was one of my football coaches a few years ago. I hope my money can help. Rest in peace.”

“We had a great season at RBLL with Steve and Stephen Jr.. Thanks for the great baseball talks and memories, our thoughts are with you.”