Suspect Stephen Nicholas Broderick, Shooter & Kills Three, More Facts

Suspect Stephen Nicholas Broderick

The Sheriff’s detective became an active hitman and killed three people in the Austin apartment complex after being fired for sexual assault on children: SWAT teams and the FBI ordered the house amid fears that the gunman would take hostages.

  • Police Chief Joseph Chacon names suspect Stephen Nicholas Broderick
  • Sheriff Detective with the same name on trial for assaulting a child
  • Helicopters, SWAT teams and FBI agents are now involved in a frantic search
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SWAT teams and FBI agents feared that the gunman could take hostages, so by house order a sheriff’s detective became an active hit man in Austin and killed three adults.

Austin Police Deportment Police Chief Joseph Chacon named the ‘armed and dangerous’ suspect, 41-year-old Stephen Nicholas Broderick, and allegedly shot the trio in an apartment complex near The Arboretum in the northwest of the city. what civil servants call ‘domestic situation’.

Police said a child was found in the incident, but that he was safely detained. Stephen Broderick, a former Travis County Sheriff Detective, took unpaid leave after being accused of sexually assaulting a child in June last year.

And the local CBS member reports that the gunman was a former detective who was accused of first-degree serious crime against children.

Police did not comment if the suspect of Sunday’s shooting faces further criminal charges, but told reporters that “it may be an old law enforcement”.

Helicopters, SWAT crews, and FBI agents are now involved in a frantic search as they call on anyone who sees Broderick to call 911. The clashes were first reported in a 911 call on Sunday at 11.42 pm, at 1 pm the Austin Police Department confirmed that the hitman was still. active.

In a second statement 40 minutes later, the APD said it believed the incident was an ‘internal situation’ and argued that the gunman did not pose a risk to the wider public.

However, Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon later told reporters at a press conference that the police advised people to take shelter at home for fear that the hitman might ‘take a hostage’.

He said the police no longer saw the case as an active hit man incident, but ‘the danger was high’.

Chief Chacon said he was on the scene four minutes after police reported the shooting. He described the victims as two Spanish women and a black man.

When describing the suspect, he said, ‘We think we know our suspect, 41-year-old Stephen Nicholas Broderick.

“We are worried that he could possibly take a hostage and take refuge somewhere waiting for us to leave.”

He said Broderick was 5 feet, 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall and Black. He was wearing a gray hoodie, sunglasses, and a baseball cap.

Chacon continued: ‘We don’t know if he was in the vehicle or on foot. We are asking individuals to continue their accommodation because this is still an active situation. ‘

When asked if the suspect was a former detective named Stephen Broderick, Chief Chacon refused to confirm this, but said: ‘We have some preliminary information that he might be a law enforcement agency, but I don’t confirm it. this time.’ He also said that a boy was involved in Sunday’s incident but was not hurt and is now with the police.

Broderick was arrested by the US Marshals Service on June 6 and charged with sexually assaulting a child. He was taken on unpaid administrative leave and later resigned from the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

The statement of arrest, seen by the Austin American-statesman, said that the sexual assault of children took place in a house in Elgin. The victim cried to her mother, who took the boy for examination, and doctors confirmed the abuse.

The real estate crimes detective was jailed and jailed for 16 days before paying bail set at $ 50,000.

Court and public records show that Broderick’s wife filed a protection order and divorce shortly after her husband’s arrest.

Austin-Travis County EMS said on Sunday that three adults had been killed, but no reports of any other victims were received.

Josh Katzowitz, who shopped at nearby Trader Joe’s, said on his departure that police and ambulances ‘rained’ into the area.

He did not hear a gunshot.

“The cops pulled out their guns,” he said. Some had pistols, some had rifles and were tied to bulletproof vests.

Suddenly there were ambulances, sirens and police cars Cops were coming from everywhere.

Austin Police Department CT tweeted at 1:40 pm: ‘The APD is currently at the site of an active shooting event on the Great Hills Trail and Rain Creek Parkway.

All residents are advised to take shelter and stay away from the area. PIO is on the way. – PIO8. ‘

The department added after 40 minutes: ‘Right now the Great Hills Trail scene is still active. We are still asking residents to take refuge and report suspicious activity.

“With a suspect still missing, this seems to be an isolated domestic situation, and there is no risk to the general public.”