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Who Is Stephen Jones ? Wiki, Bio, Shot Killed, Background, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Stephen Jones Wiki – Biography

Stephen Jones, a married father of five children, was one of two Concho County Sheriff’s deputies who were killed in Eden, Texas, who answered a call about dogs. The second deputy was determined to be Samuel Leonard, and an Eden city worker was also seriously injured. Murder suspect Jeffrey Nicholas was arrested and jailed for a $ 4 million bond.

Those Who Have Had Five Children Since 2005 In The Approaching 2 Weeks Of The Anniversary And Married
Jones was a dad who would celebrate his 16th wedding anniversary on May 28, according to his Facebook profile. He was his hometown of Concho County and was homeschooled before getting a job in the county. His profile says he was selected as a Concho County Police Officer in addition to his role as the Concho County Deputy Sheriff. Among his duties was teaching a transport license class and he reached the rank of sergeant.

Stephen Jones Age

He Was 34 Year Old

Stephen Jones Shot & Killed

A Remembrance to the Fallen Concho County MP.
Jones and Leonard were called around 8:40 pm. On Monday, May 10, with an Eden city employee for a dog complaint. Officials said in a statement that the standard call “quickly turned into a fight that turned into gunfire”. Jones was 34 years old
The neighbors told the shot to San Angelo Live and said they heard a gunshot. In a Facebook post, the Concho County Sheriff’s Office is collecting donations for the families of both MPs.

Jones worked as a deputy sheriff for more than seven years and became a member of parliament in 2013. He also had at least two siblings, a brother and a sister. He had four daughters and a son and shared a photo posing with his 4-year-old daughter for Christmas 2020.

He wrote, “This is my 4th daughter.” “She’s already 4 !!”

Jones was active on his Facebook page. He frequently shared support for the local fire department, dispatchers, and law enforcement officials. He also regularly shared public warnings from the sheriff’s department and police departments, and routinely shared memories for fallen officers.

He was an avid open air man, fisherman, and hunter. The group shared photos of hunting trips and hiking trips, their adventures with their family and their photos with a laugh. She shared with her family several photos of hiking trips, often carrying her youngest daughter on her back.

His body will be escorted Wednesday, May 11, 2021, the Concho County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

Companion to the Concho County Sergeant. Stephen Jones Badge # 2404 will leave Lubbock at approximately 8 am tomorrow on the way to San Angelo Texas via US HWY 87 tomorrow. Funeral Service Pending, ”he said.

His friends offered condolences to his wife on Facebook.

One person wrote, “Your family has a special place in my heart and I share your sorrow.” “Take care of yourself while looking after your family at this horrible time. Let your loved ones love you. Accept all offers of help from family, friends and LEOs. Cry when you need it, smile when you can. Keep the precious memories of your time with Stephen and know that your family is loved. Your family is in the hands of our loving God and will never let go. I love you my sweet friend. ”

Another person wrote: “There is nothing but Faith … turning beauty from the ashes … for you and those babies … every day, every second is prayed.”

Stephen loved you all fiercely. Keep this in your heart. Remind the children, ”another person wrote. “A love like hers never ends.”

Donations for families can be mailed or delivered to the sheriff’s office in Eden, according to the Concho County Sheriff’s Office.

“If anyone wants to send something to Stephen Jones or Samuel Leonard’s families, please send the items to PO Box 67 in Paint Rock or bring them by the Sheriff’s Office in Eden and we will have the families pick them up. Accounts were created at both Eden State Bank and Paint Rock Bank for the benefit of both families. Thank you! ”The office wrote in a Facebook post.
Witnesses told San Angelo Live that the situation was escalating rapidly, from the lawmakers approaching Nicholas to Nicholas, to a gunfight that cost the lives of two lawmakers. According to the news station, City of Eden Mayor Pete Torres, who lives in Nicholas’s corner, was among the eyewitnesses of the deadly gun attack and persuaded Nicholas to surrender after nearly 30 minutes of barricading.

Several witnesses described the crime scene, one said the fatal situation began when the officers made a traffic stop at Nicholas near his home. The witness told the news outlet that they heard the police talking to Nicholas, saying, “Lower your window and then raise your hands.” The witness said instead that the driver had run away.

Soon after, nine or 10 gunshots and people firing “back and forth …”
Another witness said to the suspect, “These are not my dogs. You always harass me and make fun of me ..” the person told the news outlet.

Witnesses told the news outlet, Nicholas later shouted about his Constitutional Rights.

Neighbors told reporters that there are six “vicious” dogs in the neighborhood.

According to the district’s report, the suspect was arrested by Texas Rangers and at 05:38 am on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, a $ 4 million bond and a $ 2 million bond for each death sentence of a peacekeeper were registered to Tom Green County Prison. prison list. The Lubbock Police Department held a parade to accompany the officers’ bodies. The mock video showed a lengthy emergency vehicles accompanying the corpses.

“The Lubbock Police Department regrets the loss of the two Concho County Sheriff’s Deputies killed on duty Monday evening,” they wrote. Lubbock Police shared the details of the route and asked the public to “raise both the bloody and blue families of these two heroes to their feet.”

“When a police officer is killed, it’s not an organization that loses an officer, it’s a whole nation,” wrote Chris Cosgriff, Founder of Officer Down Memorial Page on his website.

Officer Down Memorial Page said there were 119 officers killed on duty in 2021.






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