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A paranoid schizophrenic man “brutally” killed a hotel receptionist using a series of hair clippers because of the way he smiled at her.

Stephen Cole, 32, has been detained indefinitely after pleading guilty to manslaughter for 27-year-old Spanish national Marta Elena Vento, reducing responsibility.

A court heard that he was kicked out of another hotel a few days ago for assaulting two guests.

Judge Angela Morris highlighted the ‘irreversible failures’ made by those who did not realize her worsening psychiatric condition weeks ago and ordered Cole’s indefinite detention under the Mental Health Act.

The court heard Cole enter the Bournemouth police station and tell the office staff, “I just killed someone in a hotel, I think you worked there.”

“I didn’t sleep at all,” he added.

Ms. Vento was beaten while working the night shift at the Travelodge in Bournemouth.

His body was discovered by the hotel manager on the morning of December 9, 2020, as prosecutor Tom Wright told Winchester Crown Court.
Mr Wright said the accused had previously been convicted of assaulting his mother in 2018 and was released from custody in October after being convicted three times for improper display last summer.

Cole was staying at the hotel and the bill was paid by his family.

The motive for the attack was ‘a sudden urge to look at him and smile at him; “He felt uncomfortable and she was looking down on him,” Mr Wright told the court.

He added that Cole also said the action was a way to alert emergency services so that he would “get the treatment he needs”.

Defendant Robert Gray told the court that Cole stopped taking his medication during the attack because “the defendant was unable to take it”.