Who Is Stephen Chase Randolph? Wiki, Bio, Arrested, (Capitol Riot Suspect) Many More Facts You Need To Know

Stephen Chase Randolph Wiki – Arrested

A suspected US Capital rebel accused of attacking three police officers and whose image was circulated on social media with the hashtag #GrayCarharttHat, was arrested after the FBI used facial recognition software to find his girlfriend’s Instagram.

Big Brother watches: FBI tracks down Capitol riot suspect using facial recognition software and finds photo of his girlfriend on Instagram
Facts You Need To Know
  • Stephen Chase Randolph of Harrodsburg, Kentucky arrested Tuesday
  • He was accused of assaulting a federal official and for erratic behavior.
  • One of more than 370 people arrested for taking part in the MAGA riot on January 6th.
  • Images of Randolph circulating on social media with the hashtag #GrayCarhartthat
  • Federal researchers used facial recognition technology to track it.
  • The feds matched the man seen in the video of the uprising with the man seen on the woman’s Instagram
  • They used freely available ‘open source’ facial recognition software and the investigation could possibly raise concerns of civil liberty groups


Stephen Chase Randolph of Harrodsburg in Kentucky was arrested Tuesday and charged with attacking a federal officer, obstructing law enforcement officers during civil unrest, and obstructing justice and Congress, the FBI said.

The FBI announced that Randolph was identified as an alleged riot thanks to sophisticated facial recognition software that matched his footage of the riots with photos he uploaded on his partner’s social media in December 2020.

Some of his Instagram photos are said to show him wearing the same clothes as the man pictured in the riot.

Using open-source software to find a photo of Randolph on his girlfriend’s social media, agents were able to find Randolph’s own Facebook page and take it into a secret alley.

The brokers haven’t disclosed any more details about the software yet. But he likely used an algorithm to examine the suspect’s facial features before converting them into a mathematical code. This code is then compared with millions of photos in databases or on social media to try to find a face whose features match.

‘Open source’ is a category of software that is available to the public and can be shared, modified or improved thanks to existing source code that can be changed by programmers.

The use of facial recognition technology has fueled concerns from civil liberty groups that it violates people’s privacy.

Dozens of companies now sell the ability to distinguish people from photos of their faces.

As technology improved, some municipalities banned police departments from using it to spot suspects.

In February, the Minneapolis city council banned the police department from using facial recognition technology.

Other cities, including Portland, Oregon, did the same; San Francisco; and Boston.

Randolph’s arrest became the highest-profile admission that the FBI was using the software to catch suspects.

According to a federal court statement, the facial recognition tool “yielded results associated with the Instagram page of a Kentucky person (” Individual-1 “) who looks like SUBJECT’s girlfriend.”

“Individual-1’s Instagram account also included a photo of KONU carrying the same gray sled with the white” Carhartt “on the front (see Figure 11).”

Last week, two undercover FBI agents managed to talk to Randolph at work. During their speeches, the topic of the Capitol riots came to the fore.

According to court documents, Randolph told secret agents that he was “crazy” and that it was “fun” to join the uprising.

According to federal investigators, “RANDOLPH noted that the female police officer suffered concussion, possibly because she was curled up in a fetal position after being pushed to the ground.”

He was arrested and detained on Tuesday, his case considered the highest by the FBI that they were using facial recognition technology to identify suspected Capitol rebels.

The agency said Randolph was held in federal custody and expected to appear before a federal judge for the first time on Thursday.

After the riot, a video of a man allegedly Randolph went viral on Instagram.

Court documents first obtained by the Huffington Post show that the individual attacked a member of the US Capitol Police and committed “destructive or erratic behavior”. Federal researchers then used an “open source face comparison tool” that was “known to provide reliable results in the past”.

The FBI did not immediately provide additional details about Randolph’s arrest or charges.

At least a dozen other Kentucky residents have been arrested in connection with the January 6 riot, in which a crowd broke into the U.S. Capitol.

More than 370 people faced federal charges in the deadly riot, prompting lawmakers to go into hiding and delaying the approval of President Joe Biden’s election victory.

Many of those arrested and accused were watched through viral videos that led researchers to identify them on their social media accounts.