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Who Was Stephen Arnold?

A New Orleans police detective died five years after he was shot and fell into a coma during a drug raid.

Jefferson Parish Deputy Sheriff Stephen Arnold, 12-year veteran of the force, was shot five times in a pre-dawn raid on January 26, 2016.

He died at the age of 39 from gunshot wounds on Sunday.

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He Was 39 Year Old

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Facts You Need To Know
  • Stephen Arnold, Assistant to Jefferson Parish Sherriff, died on Sunday from the injuries he received when he was shot during a drug raid on January 26, 2016.
  • Arnold was shot five times when he, along with 11 other officers, raided the drug store.
  • A neck wound and blood loss caused Arnold to suffer brain damage
  • He lived in a nursing home, unable to move or speak since her injury.
  • Jarvis Hardy has pleaded guilty to murder and serving a 35-year sentence.

He died at the age of 39 from gunshot wounds on Sunday.

“ Detective Arnold was well known and held the highest respect by his colleagues, ” said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto in a statement. “The commitment to serve our community was the standard we all strive to meet.”

Jarvis Hardy, the owner of the cave, admitted to the shooting in August 2018, as well as the allegations of drug trafficking and firearms. He is currently serving a 35-year sentence. According to the sheriff’s office, Arnold was 35 when he was shot and was awarded a Purple Heart.

He will be awarded the JPSO Medal of Honor after his death.
Arnold was out with his colleagues, including members of the Arms Fighting Agency and the FBI, and was working on a sweeping federal crackdown on drugs across the city on the morning of the conflict.

He was part of a team of 12 people participating in the raid and it was a single shot. At the time, police reported Arnold suffered gunshot wounds to his neck, torso, and arm, and underwent several hours of emergency surgery after massive blood loss.

Special Agent Debbie Webber, a spokesperson for the New Orleans division of the DEA, said she was one of eight drug task force teams that went out to organize raids that morning.

Webber added that the raids were already part of a seven-month investigation into drug, heroin and violent crimes that led to the arrest of 73 people.

Since Arnold’s injury, Arnold has lived in a nursing home relying on breathing and feeding tube The Times-Picayune | New Orleans Attorney reported.

Due to his condition, he was unable to attend Hardy’s sentence, but family members noted that Arnold grew up not far from where he was shot.

A close friend said he decided to become a cop after taking a drug overdose.