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Shane Mays was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison for the murder of Louise Smith as “pure evil”. Described as “predator,” Mays was found guilty yesterday following a trial at the Winchester Crown Court. Mays, who was married to Louise’s aunt, confessed to punishing the defenseless young man repeatedly after “losing his temper” during an argument. However, she denied killing Louise, who had moved with Mays and her aunt Chazlynn (CJ) at the end of April after “fighting” with her mother. The “happy, laughing” enthusiastic veterinary nurse disappeared on May 8 AND Day and launched a major search mission. His body was found burnt 13 days later in a woodland of Havant, Hampshire. Mays inflicted “extreme violence and unbearable, crushing pain” on his nephew, causing the bone structure of his face to collapse. He was hit on the head with such force that the jawbone remained ‘completely detached from the skull

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The court heard that the university student’s body had been left unrecognizable and pierced with a stick. Mays later made a “decisive effort” to destroy her by lighting a fire, worrying she might have impregnated her. The prosecution said that controversy began after Louise moved in with her aunt and uncle, and the teenager complained to her boyfriend that Mays would “flirt” with her and arrest her. A Snapchat video of him tickling his feet was shown to the jury. James Newton-Price QC, who looked into the case, told the hearing: ‘Louise was only 16 years old, anxious, needy, fragile and vulnerable – apparently vulnerable to the attention of a predatory man who flirted with her and lived in the same small flat. He claimed that Mays had persuaded Louise, who had mental health problems, to go to the woods by offering her marijuana for sexual harassment. Judge Ms. Justice May said: ‘Shane Mays was in a position of trust regarding Louise; theirs was like a father-daughter relationship. “In this case, he abused the greatest trust … The sudden death of any person is tragic, but the death of a vulnerable child is particularly painful

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Louise’s family spoke today of the “turmoil” of their lives after their daughter’s murder, and they had to hear the sad details revealed during the trial. Her devastated mother, Rebecca Cooper, said that ‘part of her heart was taken’ by the ‘brutal’ killer who visited her home hours after the murder and looked at her ‘straight in her eyes’. the court said: ‘You killed my daughter Louise in a very traumatic way, but then doing what you did is beyond words. ‘You are a monster. What gave you the right to do this? “You left that in my mind for the rest of my life. Now every time I think of him I see the pictures shown in the court. You hurt him so much that I never had the chance to say goodbye, hold his hand, or even kiss him. I will never forgive you for this.

Bradley Smith, Louise’s father, said she was ‘tortured by nightmares,’ and added: ‘Louise was a beautiful girl and I was taken away from what my time would be with her.’ The prosecution said Mays had changed his story many times at first. He later claimed that he knew nothing about his death before he agreed to the manslaughter. Mays told the court that he heard Louise punch “many” in the face and “crack” her bones after losing her anger. He said: ‘I just kept going, I lost control of myself. He made a moaning sound, then I stopped.

Louise’s blood was found on Mays’ trainer and a billionth of a DNA match was found on the stick. The court heard that the defendant had found an ‘extremely low’ IQ, placing him in the bottom one percent of people. Mays told the court that he had not worked for five years and spent nine hours a day playing video games. Mays representative Andrew Langdon QC said the defendant was assessed as having a learning disability and a personality disorder.