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A Washington State inmate is sentenced to another 24 years in prison for killing his cellmate, a convicted child rapist who abused his sister.

Shane Goldsby, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges and was sentenced to death last week for beating his cellmate, 70-year-old Robert Munger, in June 2020.

Munger was serving a 43-year sentence at the Airway Heights Correctional Facility on multiple child molestation and child pornography charges when he was assigned to the Goldsby cell.

Shane Goldsby Age

He Is 26 Year Old.

Shane Goldsby murder Charged, Investigation & Fast Facts

First You Need To Know These Facts

  • Shane Goldsby, 26, killed his fellow prisoner Robert Munger, 70, in June 2020 in the wake of finding he had physically attacked his more youthful sister
  • Munger was carrying out a 43-year jail punishment on kid assault, attack and erotic entertainment charges
  • Goldsby had been moved to various offices before he was moved to Airway Heights Correctional Facility where he experienced Munger
  • He was spending time in jail for taking a police vehicle and smashing it into a state trooper in 2017
  • The Washington Department of Corrections said it had an approach against allotting fellow prisoners with such a set of experiences, however couldn’t confirm the pair’s association
  • Goldsby said he snapped in the wake of hearing Munger boast about his violations, and beat him the tar out of in a jail normal region

Goldsby said he opened his mouth after hearing Munger bragging about his crimes, and while they were in the prison common area, he came from behind and attacked Munger, knocking him down, then punching and kicking him 14 times in the face and then kicking him in the head. four more times before walking away.

Munger died three days later from his injuries.

Goldsby said that he killed Munger subsequent to finding his more youthful sister, who is as yet a minor, was one of Munger’s casualties, KHQ revealed.

‘I had such a lot of stuff going on in my mind,’ he said. ‘I wasn’t steady by then. I wasn’t. I was getting to that point, in light of the fact that (Munger) continued needing to give me insights regarding what occurred, what he did – about the photographs and the recordings of him doing this stuff. It was developing.’

The youngster’s mom, Cindy Elliott, and an unknown insider told the station the Munger had assaulted the young lady.

Goldsby communicated his mistrust that something to that effect could occur, and that when he discovered who Munger was, he mentioned an alternate fellow prisoner, however was overlooked.

‘I was in shock,’ he said. ‘I resembled, ‘what the f***?’… This stuff doesn’t occur. You’re talking a similar foundation, a similar unit, a similar case in a similar cell as this buddy. That resembles striking it rich in the gambling club multiple times.’

Munger had been indicted in December, 2019 for kid assault, kid attack and ownership of youngster porn.

In the interim Goldsby was spending time in jail for a 2017 occurrence in which he took a police vehicle and took police on an extended pursue prior to slamming it into a Washington State watch vehicle and harming the trooper inside. He revealed to KHQ that he had gotten into various battles with prison guards during his time in jail, and had been moved to different offices prior to being moved to Airway Heights.

Upon his exchange Goldsby said he was a transformed man, and had discovered God.

‘I quit gangbanging. I was doing acceptable,’ he said.

The Washington Department of Corrections said it has a strategy against such jail tasks, however after an audit it found that in view of issues like distinctive last names, couldn’t discover the association between the two, the Spokesman-Review revealed.

‘There was no obvious sign in the documentation routinely assessed for lodging tasks that there was an expected struggle,’ DoC representative Janelle Guthrie said ‘You put me in a similar cell as this man,’ Goldsby said. ‘I fondle set. I’m the person in question.’

At his condemning on Wednesday, Goldsby was too overwhelmed with feeling to peruse his expression of remorse.

His lawyer, Victoria Lynn Blumhorst read it for him, the Spokesman-Review revealed.

‘I’m embarrassed about my activities, I was placed into a circumstance that I don’t wish on no one,’ she said for her customer’s benefit. ‘I got a great deal of fixing to do.’

She had told the adjudicator that Goldsby had a pained youth, and had been moved to 10 diverse encourage homes prior to reconnecting with his mom, who started to utilize drugs with him.

Goldsby had been in jail since he was 22 for his driving around occurrence, and had been moved to Airway Heights in the wake of going through a detainee change program. The most extreme sentence Goldsby might have gotten was 33 years, and the arraigning lawyer said the extra 24 years he got was proposed so that there was no chance of Munger’s better half being alive upon Goldsby’s delivery, as per the Spokesman-Review.

Notwithstanding his jail sentence, Goldsby is to serve three years parole upon his delivered and pay Munger’s family compensation, with a figure set sometime in the not too distant future, the power source likewise announced.

‘I can’t envision what it resembles to lose a friend or family member in this sort of way,’ Blumhorst said, proceeding with her customer’s expression of remorse. ‘To his significant other and his entire family I am sorry. I am so heartbroken and I trust you can recuperate from what I caused.’