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A British born woman from the UK at the age of 15 who left to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria (ISIS). The intention to return to the UK in 2019 sparked a public debate on how to deal with the returning jihadists. In February 2019, the British government issued an order revoking his British citizenship. She stated that she would never be allowed to come back later. In July 2020, the Court of Appeals ruled that Begüm must be allowed to return to the UK, instructing lawyers as necessary, to appeal fairly. , thus reversing the decision of the Court of Appeal.
Begüm was born in England to a family of Bangladeshi origin and citizenship. She grew up in the Bethnal Green area of ​​London, where she received her secondary education at the Bethnal Green Academy. She left England at the age of 15 with his friends Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana.

Begüm’s sister expressed hope that shortly after her departure, she and her schoolmates traveled to the ISIS region to bring back their friend Sharmeena Begum (no relatives) who had traveled there in 2014.

Education secretary Nicky Morgan said that in February 2015 everyone hoped and prayed for the three girls to return to the UK safely.

Ten days after arriving in Syria, Begüm married Yago Riedijk, who was born in the Netherlands and converted to Islam, and came to Syria in October 2014. This marriage may not be recognized under Dutch law as she was a minor at the time. She gave birth to three children. all died young; youngest child was born in a refugee camp in February 2019 and died of lung infection in March 2019
The Daily Telegraph reported that Begüm was a “practitioner” in the “moral police” of ISIS and was trying to recruit other young women to join the jihadist group.She was allowed to carry a Kalashnikov rifle and gained a reputation as a strict enforcer of ISIS laws, such as the dress code for women. “Begüm suicide bombers wearing explosive vests, so they cannot be taken off without detonation, so the bombers are used,” an anti-IS activist told The Independent.

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On February 13, 2019, he found The Times war correspondent Anthony Loyd Begüm in the al-Hawl refugee camp in northern Syria and was described in a newspaper as “the scoop of the decade”. When interviewed, Begüm said she was nine months pregnant and hoped to return to England to raise her child, but did not regret the decision to join IS. She said She was not affected by seeing the head of a decapitated man as “an enemy of Islam”, but believes he did not deserve victory because of the corruption and repression of ISIS. “I am not risking the lives of the British to search for terrorists or former terrorists in a failed state,” said Security Minister Ben Wallace, when asked whether he could be expelled from Syria. Three days after Loyd found him, Begüm gave birth to a son.

Begüm interviewed BBC reporter Quentin Sommerville on February 18. During the meeting, Begüm apologized and claimed that he still supports “some British values”.  said  was inspired to join ISIS from videos of the fighters who beheaded the hostages, as well as the “good life” below the group. However, Sommerville noted that he continues to adopt the ideology of IS and justify its persecution. When asked about the Manchester Arena bombing, he claimed it was wrong to kill innocent people, but IS considered it as retaliation for the coalition bombing of ISIS-held areas. When questioned about rape, enslavement and murder of Zidi women, “Shiites do the same in Iraq.

The next day, British Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced that an order had been issued to remove Begüm from her British citizenship. The UK government cannot legally deprive him of his British citizenship if he does so, leaves him stateless. However, the UK government claimed that Begüm was eligible for Bangladeshi citizenship and was not left stateless. However, the Bangladesh Government announced that Begüm currently does not have Bangladesh citizenship and will not be allowed to enter the country.

British law does not allow a person to be stateless with a deprivation order, and Begüm had the right to appeal against the Home Office’s decision to revoke UK citizenship. Javid’s decision was criticized by Begüm’s close family members who tried to stop him by legal means, but his brother-in-law, Mohammed Rahman, urged the public to support the government’s decision. “The information they have is the best they can and the British people should support it,” he said. Begüm said he might consider applying for Dutch citizenship.

On February 24, his father Ahmed Ali said, “If at least he admits that he has made a mistake, then I will feel sorry for him and other people will be sorry for him, but he will not admit his mistake.” Said. Begüm reacted by stating that he regretted his speech to the media and said that England took an example from him.

Begüm’s lawyer alleged that on 1 March Begüm and her son were taken from a Syrian refugee camp and placed in another camp after threats against him.

On March 3, Yago Riedijk, the husband of ISIS, was interviewed by the BBC at a Kurdish detention center in Syria and claimed that he and Begüm wanted to return to the Netherlands. reuniting his family.

On March 8, it was reported that Syrian Democratic Forces spokespersons confirmed that Begüm’s son Jarrah, who had motivated his desire to return to England recently, died in the hospital the previous day. In the medical report, the cause of death was stated as pneumonia. Shadow Interior Minister Diane Abbott and human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith criticized the UK government’s decision to block Begum’s return to England due to the death of her son.

“The death of any child is tragic and deeply sad for the family,” said a government spokesman. Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt reiterated Ben Wallace’s stance on the risk of sending officials to save him and said, “When Shamima made his decision to join IS, She knew he was going to a country where there was no embassy, ​​there was no consular assistance, and I’m afraid the consequences of these decisions are terrible. There are consequences, “but he also stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Development Agency were trying to save ISIS brides and their decision to withdraw citizenship. individuals relied on evidence.