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3-year-old Riley Fox was kidnapped from home on the sofa next to her six-year-old brother while his father was sleeping in his bedroom. The case made headlines in Wilmington, Illinois, and the community was grieved when that day, June 6, 2004, when the young girl’s body drowned in a nearby stream. She was tied with duct tape and sexually abused.

Kevin Fox contacted the authorities and, according to court documents, his mother, Melissa Fox, began looking for the young girl while returning from Chicago, where she attended a charity march. Unfortunately, the body of Riley Fox was found on the same day, shortly after an Amber Alert was aired. Tied with duct tape, she was sexually abused and drowned in a nearby stream.

Kevin Fox Father Wrongfully Charged in Daughter’s Murder

Investigators initially accused his father, Kevin Fox, of first-degree murder, but after several months in prison, DNA testing excluded him from the crime scene and the charges were thrown. For years, the case remained unsolved without arrest.

Fox soon withdrew his confession and claimed that authorities accused him of murdering his daughter and forced him into a false confession. The confession led him to be charged with first-degree murder, a charge that could lead to a death sentence if convicted.

Kevin Fox Released and Charges Dropped When His Attorney Had To Do DNA Test Of Saliva Samples

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Scott Eby Age

He Is 49 Year Old.

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When the FBI took over the case in 2009, investigators learned of Scott Eby, who lived about a mile from Fox’s home and was on parole during the Riley Fox murder. The Chicago Tribune reports that when Fox broke into his home, he robbed houses in the area, found three-year-old Riley sleeping on the sofa, and decided to abused and kidnap him.

After FBI agents questioned Eby and asked him for a DNA sample, he confessed to the crime in a long letter. Where is Scott Eby today?

On November 10, 2010, Eby pleaded guilty to first-degree murder five times for Riley Fox’s death, and a child once pleaded guilty to predatory sexual assault and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Press release by Will County State Attorney
According to public records, Eby, 49, is currently serving a life sentence at the Pontiac Correction Center, where she was accepted in 2006. The Pontiac Correctional Center is a maximum security prison for men in Pontiac, Illinois, founded in 1871, currently with a population of 1,065 inmates. Due to the guilty allegation in Eby’s murder case, he is unable to appeal and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Eby was sentenced to 14 years in prison for raping her sister in 2005 when the FBI was investigating the involvement of the Riley Fox murder. After receiving a tip, FBI agents investigating Riley Fox’s murder decided to interview Eby in May 2010 and requested a DNA sample from him.

A few days after the request, Eby wrote a 10-page confession and wanted to take the “coward’s way out,” the Chicago Tribune reported. She said she deserved to be tortured and killed and didn’t understand “how the wires in me go”. He blamed drug and alcohol addiction and insecurities for his actions and said, “I know, I am the smallest of the lowest type of slime in the world.”

Eby tied a sheet around his neck and tried to hang himself. In her letter she wrote that she had a “reasonably normal childhood” and that her parents were very nice to her. According to the Tribune, “My parents didn’t raise a monster, over the years I’ve become a monster, and it’s not my fault,” she wrote. “Keeping such a secret within you is at the core of your being, every day and every day.” She added, she added.