Who Is Schumer’s heckler? Wiki, Bio, Age, Sexually Excited, More Facts

Schumer’s heckler Wiki – Capitol Riots Got Her ‘Sexually Excited’

Senator Chuck Schumer has a heckler, and he’s not your garden diversity expert. The unidentified woman who started attacking the senator while standing on the sidewalk for a press conference said she was actually sexually excited by the Capitol riots.

Yes, you read that right. “I’m actually sexually excited, that’s why I hate you. The woman shouted in Schumer’s face, I’m so glad for what she’s doing. She didn’t respond to the tirade that took place on January 12th.”


Woman “Adolf Hitler was a Socialist”

In the long renting woman that Schumer did not answer, “I am satisfied. I didn’t think Trumpsters was in them. You racist socialists can expose this but you can’t get it. ”

He later claimed that “Adolf Hitler was a socialist and that you were following him exactly”. You are nothing but a coward when you see yourself hiding under your desks. Nancy Pelosi said that after all, people do what they do. She does not care about monuments and says me and where you should protest peacefully and politely in the First Amendment. As long as there is … unrest in our hearts, there will be unrest in these streets.

(Were the Nazis socialists? According to Britannica, “Were the Nazis socialists? No, meaningfully and certainly not after 1934.”)

The woman later mocked another man as “racist crackers”. She then turned her anger back to Schumer she.

“You can throw it out, but you have bodyguards. Why don’t you tell them to stand as hypocrites, did you tell the Capitol Police to withdraw? Did you tell them to back off? Answer the question. Police Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. He told him to withdraw. ”

The woman said, “These trump fans will go to your house. They will go to Pelosi’s house, destroy the vineyards, and I will be there to support them. ”

According to The New York Post, Schumer is urging officials to put Capitol rebels on the national no-fly zone list as the opening ceremony approaches. He announced at the press conference that he asked the FBI director to do this.

“We can’t let the same rebels get on the plane, causing more violence and more damage. “These individuals pose a threat to the homeland as the law defines it,” said Schumer, according to The New York Post.

“The law says that acts of terrorism, such as those committed by people who violate the Capitol illegally and violently, should be seen as a threat to the homeland. When you are seen as a threat to the homeland, you must clearly and simply enter and be placed on the no-fly list. “