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Sarah Pharis Wiki – Arrest

Sarah Pharis was arrested on December 28, for allegedly sending 150 photos of a man to at least 30 people.

That same day she was released on $ 75,000 (£ 55,000) bail she.

She was arrested for the second time on Thursday, January 14th, and police from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office said that Pharis was also a second man who allegedly posted private photos of him.

Sarah Pharis Age

She Is 32 Year Old

Sarah Pharis Charged, Investigation

She was accused of 30 more disclosures of a private image without his consent.

She was sent home on $ 15,000 (£ 11,000) bail the same day.

Police said he went to Texas to send letters from Pharis’s home in Louisiana.

Speaking to KPLC, Stitch Guillory, vice president of KPLC, Stitch Guillory, vice president, said: “A number of different people contacted him [the victim] and said ‘we received something by mail and you have photos in it’.

“It so happened that the postal mark on some of the mail they received came from Texas – the Houston area.

One of the unnamed victims alleged that she had sent “hundreds” of photos of Pharis with “immoral acts and insulting letters” and received the photos “on Facebook.”

He says She has access to the Facebook account he created for himself a few years ago.

Chief assistant Guillory warned people not to give their Facebook login information to anyone else.

One of Pharis’s shocked neighbors told Fox: “I really didn’t think he could do that. seemed like an earth-loving person.

“I don’t know what made him do this.”

Another is: “I think it’s crazy. I don’t know what forces someone to do it.”

Pharis is currently facing 180 unsolicited disclosures of a private image, and is currently on bail prior to his trial.

The investigators did not reveal any details about the relationship between Pharise and the two men, or to whom he sent the letters.