Jama was dismissed on October 23, 2023, from the NDP caucus.
Jama need a wheelchair to go about since she was born with cerebral palsy.
In September 2018, Jama co-founded the Disability Justice Network Ontario.

In a startling video that went viral, Sarah Jama denied that Israeli women were raped on October 7. She claims that the whole government machinery is being forced to endorse what she refers to as “misinformation” by the “Zionist lobby.”

Hamilton – November 14 – a shocking video emerges where disgraced MPP Sarah Jama denies the rape of Israeli women on October 7th and accuses the “Zionist lobby” of “pressuring the entire government operation” to accept this “misinformation”


— Documenting Antisemitism (@AntisemitismCA) November 14, 2023

Who is Sarah Jama?

Sarah Jama is a politician and disability rights advocate from Canada. As of March 2023, she holds the position of Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Hamilton Center. On October 23, 2023, Jama—who had previously belonged to the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP)—was kicked out of the NDP caucus. Her disregard for a deal struck with party head Marit Stiles on her unilateral activities and remarks about the 2023 Israel-Hamas conflict served as the foundation for this judgment. Jama remains an independent MPP in the legislature notwithstanding her removal.

Prior to entering politics, Jama was the executive director of Disability Justice Network Ontario, which she co-founded. After earning a social science degree from McMaster University, she moved to Hamilton, Ontario, where she was born with cerebral palsy and relied on a wheelchair for movement. Due of her advocacy, Jama, who is Somali-American, was featured by the CBC in 2016 as one of Hamilton’s “most interesting people.”

Jama has a background in activism; in 2018, she co-founded the Disability Justice Network Ontario. She formerly served as the National Educational Association of Disabled Students’ Ontario director and wrote articles for Rebel Youth, the Young Communist League of Canada’s journal, on themes related to disability justice.

Jama co-founded the Hamilton Encampment Support Network in 2021 with the goal of facilitating access to inexpensive homes. Her activism came to light when she was detained at a demonstration against the demolition of homeless encampments and charged with a crime that was subsequently dropped when she signed a peace bond.

Jama was declared the NDP candidate for the Hamilton Centre by-election in 2022, despite facing criticism throughout her candidacy for office for remarks she made about Israel being an apartheid state. Although she was elected in March 2023, her comments in October 2023 about the Israel-Hamas war drew criticism. Due to her alleged unilateral acts and disagreement with party leadership, she was censured by the legislature and subsequently expelled from the NDP caucus.

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