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Who Was Sandra Weyer  ?

Sandra Weyer of Pennsylvania supposedly went to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 on a transport coordinated by GOP state Sen. Doug Mastriano’s mission.

A Pennsylvania lady blamed for shooting an assault on a New York Times photojournalist inside the U.S. State house on Jan. 6 and shouting at the aggressors to shower the picture taker with mace was captured Monday in Mechanicsburg.

Sandra Weyer Accused Of Filming Capitol Attack On NYT Photographer Is Arrested, Investigation & More Facts

Sandra S. Weyer, otherwise called Sandy Pomeroy Weyer, recorded a few men attacking the photographic artist, who can be heard shouting in the video, as indicated by a FBI sworn statement, which didn’t name the person in question. As the picture taker got up, moved toward her aggressors and attempted to recover her knapsack, Weyer supposedly hollered, “Screwing swindler, get the fuck out!” and “Get her out! Mace her!”

The attack occurred on a flight of stairs close to the passage to the Capitol Rotunda. It was additionally gotten on reconnaissance video, the FBI said.

Weyer supposedly posted on different occasions on Facebook about the raging of the Capitol, including livestreams, which were eliminated.

One remark ascribed to Weyer in a trade on a photograph of herself and a few others outside the Capitol said: “I seen no mobs. I saw Patriots tired of being deceived and the political decision being taken from us! I saw no savagery from the Patriots!” as per the testimony.

“I did what should have been finished! I’m cheerful,” she purportedly said to someone else.

The photographic artist told specialists she was drawn nearer by four or five men, one of whom asked her, “Who do you go for?” When she didn’t answer, one of them snatched her press accreditations, the testimony said.

“When the men saw the accreditations were from the New York Times, the men become fomented and furious,” as per the record. The men then, at that point pushed her to the ground and took her camera. She advised the FBI she attempted to ward them off and shouted for help, then, at that point pursued them to attempt to recover her camera. Another video shows Weyer among a group reciting “Let us in!” and “Break that entryway!” outside the Capitol, the FBI affirmed.

She was accused of different tallies, including check of an authority continuing, untidy and troublesome direct and vicious section.

She gives off an impression of being a functioning ally of Doug Mastriano, a Republican state congressperson from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, who was at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and whose mission burned through great many dollars to sanction transports to ship allies to D.C. for a Donald Trump rally that prompted the assault on Congress.

As per a New Yorker profile about the representative last month, Weyer rode one of those transports to the occasion. She’s been envisioned on different events at occasions on the side of Mastriano, incorporating with Samuel Lazar, a man on the FBI’s Capitol revolt needed rundown who was recorded splashing mace toward cops on Jan. 6.

Mastriano denounced Lazar’s activities last month after HuffPost covered different pictures of the representative presenting with the fanatic, whom Mastriano claims he had not verified.

Weyer is planned to show up in court by means of video connect on Thursday before a U.S. officer judge.