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Sandra Eckert Wiki – Sandra Eckert Biography

Sndra Eckert is a missing woman from Franklin, Wisconsin, unseen since her disappearance without a trace March 26, 2021.

Eckert is years old. She was last seen at FrankSandra Eckert, mother of four children, in the house she shared with her husband of 40 years, not seen since then. Franklin is near Country Dale Primary School in a suburb of Milwaukee, a suburb of the city of Milwaukee, near Milwaukee County at 23:30 on Friday, March 26, 2021.

Sandra Eckert Age

She Is 70 Year Old

Sandra Eckert Missing, Husband Arrest Investigation & More Facts

Eckert’s husband, Wes Eckert, announced to WTMJ-TV that he had been arrested but released, and denied any involvement in his wife’s disappearance. He told the TV station that they had an argument the night he disappeared.
Crime scene investigators searched the couple’s home, but 71-year-old Wes Eckert denies it was involved. “I was sleeping on the sofa, I don’t hear anything,” he told CBS 58.

Wes Eckert told WTMJ-TV that he was arrested but released and had nothing to do with his wife’s disappearance. Wes Eckert told WISN-TV that he was arrested because he was a convicted criminal for “financial crime of the 1970s” and therefore could not have firearms, but “an antique gun on the wall”. Wes Eckert also spoke to WISN-TV, which reported that the authorities had issued a search warrant for the couple’s home and a warehouse building. He told the TV station that investigators told him that the arrest warrant was for a “suspected murder investigation”.

Questioning why the inspectors did not search the house right away, he commented, “The inspectors may have blown him up.” Regarding his children, he told WTMJ: “They are supportive but often go out and ask if I killed my mother. That’s not the point. ”Wes Eckert told local TV reporters that they had an argument when his wife was last seen.

“If anyone sees him, send him home,” Wes Eckert told WTMJ-TV. “Send him home for his children. Not much for me, but for children. It’s no secret that we don’t get along, but we live together and start a family. This is especially difficult for my kids. ”

Eckert told WTMJ that they had an argument the night his wife disappeared.

“My mom just died,” Eckert told WTMJ. Sandra and I argued over my mother’s will.  asked me to appeal, and I said I wouldn’t do it… The last thing Sandra told me was that I would hear from her lawyer. I persuaded him to go upstairs and go to bed. I said we’ll talk in the morning. “Wes Eckert told WTMJ-TV that they have been married for 40 years and have four children and three grandchildren.

He told CBS58: “My car had an extra key and I didn’t know that. My old car was gone and was seen driving that night. “Authorities said the car was seen around 3 am. They did not indicate whether the officer who saw the car had noticed who was driving the car.

According to the website that was set up to find it, Eckert may be driving a 2005 Dark Gray Dodge Stratus with a Wisconsin Plate 319 LGT (silencer passenger side).

“The vehicle was last seen by Muskego police at 3 am on Saturday, March 27,” he said on his website. It was heading south on Racine Street, west on Tans Drive, and then south on Crowbar Drive. The police did not pull the car over because there was no missing person warning yet and no other reason. ”

Her daughter explained on Facebook why her mother was not given a silver alert and wrote “because Alzheimer’s does not have life-threatening medical problems because she does not have dementia.” Heavy reached out to Danielle to give the family a chance to comment; If comment is received, it will be added to the story. Eckert’s Facebook page says he is from Milwaukee and loves art, travel, cooking, dancing, walking and swimming. The cover photo shows her with her husband and children.

Other pictures show her grown-up daughter celebrating her birthday in a family Baptism and wearing a Packer T-shirt. One photo had a filter, “Stay home, save lives.”

There was a legal decision against Eckerts in excess of $ 2,500 in which fees were collected from Health Payment Systems, Inc., but the fees were paid by 2011. The salaries were obtained from Saukville, Wisconsin named Johnson Brass & Machine Foundry Inc. In addition, there was a 2012 minor damages action decision from GE for just under $ 1,000 against Sandra Eckert. Capital Retail Bank.

Eckert’s daughter, Danielle Eckert, said, “Mom… mom… mother… we miss you, we love you! Come home! Xoxo. “On April 7,” 12 days and unfortunately still no sign of my mom or car. Please keep praying, spreading the word and keeping your eyes peeled. A website to help spread the news and $ 10,000 for ANY information that can help find my mom. we added an award. ”


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