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Samuel Fisher Wiki – Arrest

Facts & Investigation

According to the documents on the vehicle and a law enforcement agency, a man was arrested on the Upper East Side with an arsenal, a shotgun and other tactical items in his SUV in connection with the raids surrounding the Capitol siege.

Samuel Fisher was sent to E. 89th St. for unspecified charges of the January 6 siege. and York Ave. He was arrested near him. He was awaiting trial in Manhattan Federal Court.

A search warrant return – a document listing those seized on the search – listed shotguns, six shotgun cases, 12 boxes of .9mm ammunition, a black tactical vest with a full clip on the Chevrolet 1500 Tahoe SUV. , eight more loaded clips, a second vest with ballistic plate and a knife and two blades.

Joint Terrorism Task Force members, after the police made the arrest, E. 88. St. The video taken from the scene showed an FBI officer carrying the gun seized from the SUV into an evidence vehicle.

The car also featured an American flag, a copy of the Daily News with President Trump’s face on it, an emergency poncho, and vitamins B12.

It was not immediately clear whether Fisher was accused of being part of the Capitol siege or was arrested entirely for online activity. A second man named Patrick Edward McCaughey III was arrested in the provincial town of South Salem on Tuesday night. He is in custody and will be put on trial Wednesday at White Plains Federal Court.

According to law enforcement sources, McCaughey was accused of using a riot shield to put pressure on a Capitol police officer who screamed as he was trapped between a doorway in the midst of a violent confrontation with the rebels at a key entry point in the Capitol. Arrests followed dozens of people across the country as federal officials tried to hold accountable anyone who made online threats to kill the Capitol and elected officials.

Five people died in the Capitol riot, including a police officer, in the hours-long siege after President Trump forced a crowd to march to Parliament.

The turmoil came as Congress approved Senator Joe Biden’s electoral college votes that won the presidency.