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Family pays tribute to mother of five ‘beautiful’ children who lost their lives in arson attack
Samantha Mills, died in a fire in a house believed to have been set up as a ‘party’ in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

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She Was  31 Year Old

Samantha Mills Killed In The Fire at a House, More Facts You Need To Know

The family of a “beautiful” mother of five children who died in a suspected arson attack paid their respects to her.


Six people were hospitalized following a supposed ‘party’ fire last week on the property in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

Three people were severely hospitalized, and unfortunately one of the victims died last Friday.

On Monday, police confirmed the victim’s identity as Samantha Mills, 31, and said the two people were in the hospital.

Friends and family paid tribute to the mother with a fundraising campaign set up to raise money for her children.

Louise Robson talked about how she would miss her and said, “You have never failed to make people laugh.”

Samantha’s aunt wrote: “I miss you so much, beautiful girl … now you’re in a safer place, this world is so brutal.”

Aunt Tracy Kirby: “Sammy tragically lost his life struggle and left his children and family behind.

“No family should ever bear what we are going through now.”

“A woman who was hospitalized after a house fire in Huddersfield died,” West Yorkshire Police said in a statement Monday.

“Samantha Mills, 31, from the Huddersfield area, was one of six people hospitalized following a fire at an address in Clare Hill on Tuesday, March 23rd.

She died at the hospital on Friday. Two people stayed in the hospital on Monday.

Craig Collier, 34, from Clare Hill in Huddersfield, was accused of arson in an attempt to endanger life and disrupt the course of justice.

He has since appeared before the magistrates and has been detained before the next hearing at the Leeds Crown Court.