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Ryan Fischer Wiki

Ryan Fischer is a 30-year-old Californian man who was shot in the chest while walking Lady Gaga’s dogs. The attackers stole the pop star’s two French bulldozers during the Los Angeles robbery on Wednesday night, February 25, 2021. TMZ reports that the dog walker is at the Los Angeles hospital and is expected to recover completely. Lady Gaga is offering a $ 500,000 reward for the return of her stolen dogs Gustav and Koji.

According to a video by KABC, Fischer hugged Miss Asia, one of Gags’ French bulldogs, while suffering from bullet wounds on the Los Angeles sidewalk. The shooting took place around 21:40. The Los Angeles Police Department said it is within 1500 blocks of North Sierra Bonita Boulevard. According to the LAPD, the suspects or suspects fled the scene and were likely driving a white vehicle, possibly a Nissan, BMW or Mercedes. A source close to the singer told Page Six that Fischer “gratefully recovered” in the hospital. According to TMZ, Ms. Asia was taken from a police station by one of Gaga’s bodyguards. Lady Gaga is currently making a movie called Gucci in Italy, according to Page Six.
The transmit tone from the footage was also broadcast, notifying a 911 caller to dispatchers. The person calling 911 said she screamed and heard a shot. “The suspect was last seen driving a white Nissan four-door towards Hollywood Boulevard,” the dispatcher told police. The LAPD did not verify the car’s branding, and later officials said it was likely a Mercedes.

“Inform the sheriffs that the vehicle was last seen southward in the Highland, it was a 4-door Mercedes with no license plate, tinted windows, and was driven by a Black man wearing a hat,” one officer told the officers. The dispatcher then reports that “two small dogs” have been taken. Witnesses told CBS Los Angeles that Fischer was on the alert and spoke to other first responders on the scene. “It was a white sedan-type thing with two doors open next to them, and that’s where I saw the chaos and someone screaming, that was the shot,” Buck Angel told CBS LA. Another witness, Rachel Mason, told the news station: “When they put her in the ambulance, her arm was up, (paramedics) were talking to her. According to Page Six, if the police knew whether the dog hunters were walking the Fischer or the Lady Gaga on the French bulldogs. The news website reported that French bulldozers were targeted by thieves because of their value on the black market. According to Page Six, French bulldozers could bring thousands of them from the black market. The news site reported that some could be sold for between $ 1,500 and $ 5,000.

“There is an increase in celebrity ownership and higher visibility, and with it a higher demand,” said Brandi Hunter, Vice President of Public Affairs, American Kennel Club. But they’re not just a fashion accessory under your arm, they’re a living, breathing family member. Its compact, portable size plays a role. Are you going to play a Rottweiler? I do not think so. ”

A source close to Lady Gaga told CNN that the singer is “offering half a million dollars to anyone with two dogs, no questions asked. Anyone who has dogs can use this email, KojiandGustav@gmail.com, to claim the award Fischer has known Lady Gaga since at least 2015, and she got a message with her on her Instagram page at New York Fashion Week that September. can share photos. To the photo “Stage mothers of my 3 favorite french daughters
Fischer seems to have traveled with Lady Gaga to help her dogs.

Fischer’s friend Steven Lazaroff told CBS Los Angeles: “He always takes dogs walk with them, if not dog group, they have one-on-one time with dogs. I’m sure he would buy a bullet for those dogs, he eats, sleeps, and breathes.