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Ruth Lewis Wiki – Killed

Ohio Grandma, 88, Killed by Stray Bullet While Planning for Relative’s Funeral
Ruth Lewis, 89, was sitting in her wheelchair at around 7.30pm when someone fired six shots into a house. Sunday Ohio grandmother was fatally shot in the back while meeting with family members to plan for her son’s funeral.

89-year-old Ruth Lewis was sitting in her wheelchair at 7:30 pm when six shots were fired on a house in Warren. Warren police said on Sunday.

Lewis later died in hospital.

“She went to visit because of the circumstances surrounding his son’s funeral,” Warren police detective Michael Altiere told PEOPLE.

Lewis was sitting in the living room when he was shot.

Pointing out that the house may have been targeted, Altıere says, “We are working on some follow-ups.” “We’ve identified people who might have the knowledge. We hope to make a quick turnaround. Some collaboration from the community will be required.” According to the Warren Tribune Chronicle, a 911 caller reported seeing a silver vehicle and a sports utility vehicle driving erratically when footage rang out.

Lewis’ grandson Ryanna Brantley told WFMJ that when they saw the police cars, She left the house to buy something to eat.

“We went to Caesar down the street,” Brantley said. “And we saw 3 police cars, so we called to check what was going on, and then they caught us, they just fired the house.”

According to the Tribune Chronicle, Lewis was known in the community as an activist and churchgoer who owned a barbecue restaurant and beauty salon.

son, Robert Lewis Jr., told the Tribune Chronicle, “It always reached out to everyone; it didn’t turn anyone down.” “If he couldn’t, he’d find someone who could.”

Lewis’ daughter said that her mother “life is not over.”

“She was still living his life,” his daughter Patricia Mallory told the Tribune Chronicle. “I just feel like I’m being cheated on. Someone cheated on my mom for the rest of her life. It wasn’t her time because when you have your time, you lie down and leave for natural reasons. Not from someone who takes your life.”